View Full Version : Not sure where to ask.Will ebill work?

27-07-2004, 04:07 PM
I have a tsb bank account .paypal cannot deduct money from any nz bank account and requires you to setup a credit card.
I have come up with another solution and it would be great if somebody can tell me a more simple way to transfer money

At the moment.I am selling things at trademe.

Every time 5 purchase is made I have to do a telegraphic transfer to another hong kong bank account.The money that is transfered across depends on the exchange sell rate of hk and also my bank will take $25 bank fee off me.

Since I cannot apply for a credit card.

I thought of another solution.EBILL!!

I setup an autopayment form from tsb bank to ebill.Ebill will then top up my paypal account for me.

Am I correct that ebill works kinda like the same way as trademe?

You top of your paypal account and then from the balance of your account you send money to the other person?

The paypal site is really confusing to understand and i would really appreciate if somebody can explain how it works!