View Full Version : A very strange bug in "Outlook Express 6"

Earnie Moore
24-07-2004, 02:02 PM
For a log time I have been plagued by a strange problem, the spell checker would not work, yet it would work OK most times, it used to really get up my nose when it would not work when it should, well now most of the stress has gone out of my life (see my last posting, Introduction) I suddenly discovered what is a couple of days ago,

When someone sends me a monochrome HTML email and I reply to that email, I convert it to "plain text" format to keep the file size down, it is then the spell checker ignores any wrongly spelt words in my reply. If the same person sent me a plain text email and I reply to that, the spell checker works like it should.

Amazing what stress will do to you, my last encounter of beating stress, was at my old job I put my tools down at the bench were I was last working, and because it was a long work bench that could be anywhere, well we had to do a insulation test before we gave the appliance back to the customer, I wrote the insulation figure down on the sticker, between the time of taking the reading and writing it down, I would forget the figure, is that short term memory retention or what? of just a few seconds, Well I gave this a bit of thought and I came up with how come my old boss never gets forgetful? He only parks his van in one spot each night and in his van everything has it's own place, then I thought why don't I have a special place for my tools, instead of walking up and down the bench thinking "what on earth did I do with my screwdriver?" so then I put all my tools back in the one place within a day or so my very short memory retention turned into long time memory retention. Then I found my old boss would stress me out, he left anything anywhere. then I used to go hunting for the things he used to use.