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effie C
24-07-2004, 11:15 AM
I have two h/d in my computer- C & D

Recently I tried to update XP off my CD and the internet for improved install files, in this case to correct a corrupted file, <windows root>\system32\dll.-"missing, or currupted" -
which must be the reason that the partial upgrade that I had wrongly directed to install in D drive, now shows as corrupted or missing as I fire up the puta initially.

Now I understand that that D drive is now connected with the above, in that the upgrade now in D drive only has a part to play in the registry of XP over all.

I intend to do a full install onto C drive of XP - which may or may not correct another problem as well- and if succesful I will then delete the wrongly directed update in D drive.

As I see it, if I can do this as a complete install on C drive and not lose my files on D drive --( I have no way of backing up 4 gb of usuage-in D drive, as I have no CD burner.) ---my so called missing file wil be re instated.

Can somebody enlighten me please
effie c

Murray P
24-07-2004, 12:30 PM
There should be no link as far as a fresh OS is concerned to D drive if you are formatting and installing only to C. Obviously you have to be carful what you choose to setup and format, you don't want a rash slip to wipe D instead of or as well. Any system files or registry pointers in the old OS will not point to any system files on D, which will become orphaned and deleteable from D.

I take it you are using D drive only for data storage and not programme files. If the latter your OS will have no idea what they are. If you want programmes to reside on a different partition to the OS, I would tend to partition C and leave the data drive D as purely data. If you partition C then your current D drive will change to something like F or E.

Does that make sense to you?

Cheers Murray P

effie C
24-07-2004, 01:01 PM
Hi Murry P --
and ouch! I nearly went in half cocked- - so in effect I can install on C drive O K -but then that will not recognise D drive, (which independantly has had XP installed before I set it to slave)?

All my downloads, etc - programs - everything, are on D drive leaving only Nortons and Zonealarm on C drive ( this to save my comparitively limited space in C drive-so now to do that install means C drive is isolated and of value to D drive?It won't recognise it?Correct?

How can I access and install that so called corrupt file which shows in "start up" unless I specifically direct the start up to the XP wording/heading above in the list as the alternative and which tells me if I don't watch out,and so do, that file is missing or corrupt?It does not say that, when I have directed the start up to the XP wording - but starts and works normally

In effect I ought to be able to not watch over the puta as it boots up- as it used to do and since my error in putting the upgrade into D drive- it is suggesting that there is an alternative to the correct list

Sorry I have tried to rehash the grammer in above - but I must be stupid if I can't describe the situation

effie c

Murray P
24-07-2004, 01:59 PM
Are you saying that your existing working (sort of) installation of XP is currently on D drive not on C (as I thought) and you want to preserve the installation on D drive? Or do you want to do a fresh install of XP on C and junk the XP installed on D?

Is that system32.dll you mention or is it written differently, it's managed to throw up a ;\ instead of a :\ which I didn't pick up at first. I suspect you have a trojan on board. What antivirus are you running? do you have HijackThis and CWShredder? If not get them from here (http://www.spywareinfo.com/%7Emerijn/downloads.html) and read up on How To Use HijackThis (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/index.php?showtutorial=42) plus our very own Faq's by Susan B.

Cheers Murray P

effie C
24-07-2004, 02:44 PM
Hi MP,
Yes that is exactly right - I have all my programs on D driveand the only thing on C drive is Zonealarm and Nortons- hence my trying out the idea of re installing the entire CD of XP into C drive only- there by eliminating this error- yes that smiley cropped up when I edited it but I thought I had got rid of it--windows root>\system32\hal.dll- is the so called corrupt/missing file.
I had had W 98 SE on what is now my D drive but when I ruined the C drive XP program- by trying to repair missing files- I found I had gone too far and a complete install was brewing -- as always I panicked and rebooted - effectivlely corrupting the "set up" program on C drive- hence the need to read from D drive by installing XP-----over W 98 - formatting C drive then re installing XP in it. I had to install XP in place of W 98 ( no great loss) so as to "read " what I was going to lose on the faulty C drive install--so in effect D drive is separately set up with XP from way back,but has now beween made a slave to C drive, and all my downloads and installs go to "downloads" in D drive and the puta accesses them from there.
If I therefore re install XP on C drive - and you suggested I could not get the new install to recognise the D drive install,which though in theory will have nothing changed- is this right?
as usual grammer is catching me out when it comes to converting english to puta language
I am using Nortons 2004 /Ad aware/Spybot-- and they are run all the time and no trojan horse appears
I do NOT want to junk a thing - but as I cannot back up any data except on a f/d - to me this would retain that data without backing up if I can do it
effie c

Murray P
24-07-2004, 03:36 PM
You could dual boot the brand new XP on C with the older XP on D. Trouble is your D drives XP registry will have the programmes on D pointing to it and not C so you will have to install whatever programmes you want for C either on C or in a separate partition on D. I can see chaos reigning with this though because the windows on C will certainly be able to see everything on D it just doesn't have the pointers to use the programmes installed under your old OS on D (only new ones if you do that).

Are these drives partitioned in any way? As I suggested before, it is best to keep your data on a separate partition to the OS especially if you tend to change the OS in some way on a regular basis.

On the subject of system32.dll, the anti-virus and anti-spyware software will not necessarily pick up the trojan, in fact, there are plenty of evidence that they will not detect it. You need specialised software to do this and eradicate it. Do an internet search for system32.dll and see what you come up with. As I said before, I suspect you have a trojan on board, I also suspect this to be the cause of your current problems. If you do not scan for it on both drives (because you have OS system files on both) and fix it you may not achieve anything by doing a fresh install on C except infect it via D.

So, first search for and remove any trojan/malware, further action may be unnecessary and would be optional maintenance.

Cheers Murray P

effie C
24-07-2004, 04:56 PM
Hi M P ,
Thank you for a very enlightening comment- as you say I could be creating a real mare's nest and believe me that is NOT what I want - I have grown much older than my 8 years should show,since retiring, by getting myself in the pooh with, as my wife says,"bloody computers'( and she is a touch typist)- most of the time I can get myself out of trouble but this is different.
This afternoon I caught on my msn contact list, one of the one-time tutors who originally taught me while they were at school- he says " it should be O K" - but much as I repect his remarkble skills- I think I had better wait a while until I have no alternative but to re install- and hope for the best- I know my confidence has taken a hit lately.And as he lives in another city - I no longer can call up a favour after hours.
It is just that to manually assist the puta to start up - and if I missed that I get the alternative error "corrupt or missing file- such and such- which requires me to reboot and stay around until it is past the critical stage
I wil try for that specific file to see if that helps
Thank you again
effie c

effie C
24-07-2004, 06:09 PM
Hi M P
I am following the comments from google( from the hot point in one of your replies- and I have to start up of my XP CD - but I get to where I have to install the aministrator password- where do I find that ?
effie c