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Earnie Moore
24-07-2004, 09:53 AM
Hi fans
I have made many postings here before, some from my old work place, A couple of weeks ago I got out of the brown goods service industry and that is why I called myself "Earnie Moore" It is most likely you people might be earning more than me, but for me it is a step in the right direction, a typical day from work,
Six hours of work, five hours of frustration, two hours of pay at $20 an hour, (on what the customer pays) so one might spend 4 hours fixing a TV as one thing might lead on to another, because the TV might not be worth much I have to only charge the customer one hour of time, getting $5 an hour for doing that job.

I am already getting the "bends" from not getting pressure from the customers, they are all ungrateful today, a typical customer comment "...... when will you have my TV fixed, you have had it six weeks?" my response "will most of the service manuals are not available in NZ we have to get them from overseas, one popular brand does not release service information unless you are a agent of their product, part take time to come in, all we came be blamed for in those six weeks is maybe a week"

Anyway I love my job out of the service industry. And that is not all I don't have to put up with all the crap from my last boss, that is worth heaps!!!!

Billy T
24-07-2004, 10:28 AM
Welcome back to PF1 Earnie, you have been missed and your experience is still used here. I have just referred kiki to your website for your monitor test screens.

What sort of job are you in now? Just about anything sounds better than your brown-goods experience.


Billy 8-{)

24-07-2004, 10:54 AM
Welcome back Earnie. The place is just the same. Good things don't change.

Earnie Moore
24-07-2004, 01:05 PM
> What sort of job are you in now?

In a factory. A electronics factory of all things

Murray P
24-07-2004, 01:16 PM
Hi Earnie

Topical that you should show up when there is a link to your site in this thread (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=49495).

Good to see you're back/still around, I hope Mores law applies to earnie(ings) too.

Cheers Murray P