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21-07-2004, 09:13 PM
I have been having a problem in IE in that when I click on certain short cuts the page comes with object moved and a clickable link. Mainly on trademe site, click on link it goes to a page saying you cant enter.
Thought it was just a trademe thing but when I click look at security alert flashing on Norton AV it now comes up with object moved page
Searched f1 no luck. I have MS IE ver 6. w98se.
Thanks for any help


21-07-2004, 10:05 PM
have a look at this mskb article it may explain but wether its a fix??
its for a earlier version of ie
Internet Explorer Returns Error Message When Being Redirected
Here (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=http://support.microsoft.com:80/support/kb/articles/q193/4/89.asp&NoWebContent=1)

21-07-2004, 10:22 PM
Yep seen that its for ver 4 I have ver 6 with sp1.


17-08-2004, 09:00 AM
Still cant find out what is causing problem.
MS help mentions it but the fixes are only for XP.
I f none here can help looks like I will have to buy XP. Bit of a bugger I liked W98SE.
Is it possible my computer is the only one in the world with this problem?

17-08-2004, 09:23 AM
Ifs its caused by Nortons whynot just remove it? that software is worse then just about any virus i've come across.

17-08-2004, 09:36 AM
Thanks I will look up Nortons AVG book and see if I can find a FIX.


Billy T
17-08-2004, 09:40 AM
>that software is worse then just about any virus i've come across.

That's quite a sweeping statement metla, perhaps even a gross overstatement. I have used various editions of NAV for over six years now and never had a problem that wasn't caused by my own stupidity. I have had a couple of virus scares, but never been infected and NAV has caught everything that tried to sneak past the defences.

I am cautious not to make that sound as sweeping as your comment comparing it to a virus, but millions of users around the world also use it without problems and rely on it to protect their computers. It is a matter of personal preference in my opinion, and a crappy, badly maintained system full of obsure programs may well balk once in a while regardless of the AV choice.

It does nothing to enhance your credibility as an IT professional, and personally speaking it would make me shy away from using or recommending the services of a person who uses such extravagant language.

What do you say to customers who request that NAV be installed as their preferred AV solution?


Billy 8-{) ?:|

Jen C
17-08-2004, 09:47 AM
> Thanks I will look up Nortons AVG book and see if I
> can find a FIX.

Have a look here (http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/nip.nsf/docid/2000031311301136?Open&src=sg&docid=2001021911022836&nsf=nip.nsf&view=cfcd5649881a90978525693700527436&dtype=&prod=&ver=&osv=&osv_lvl) Ted. You will need to adjust the settings in Norton, but first try to disable the ad blocker and see if the web page loads correctly.

17-08-2004, 09:49 AM
Excuse me?

Tell me your IT background then??

Does nothing for my credability indeed,I remove viruses and work on machines running nortons daily,When it causes problems they can be major,when its not causing problems its still a (extreme)rersource hog that takes a fair amount of control from the user and sinks its claws in all over the machine.

As to millions using it?...who cares,they know no better,look at the billions using Internet Explorer.

And yes,i flat out refuse to sell it,stock it or recomend it.

The "cons" outweigh the "pro's" of that software by a hundred to one.

I pity the fool.

17-08-2004, 09:50 AM

I just had a look and i have it for sale on my site.


17-08-2004, 10:40 AM
I would have to agree 100%
Certain versions of Norton can prove even tricker to get rid of than most virus

Billy T
17-08-2004, 12:09 PM
Sorry metla, I had a late night/early morning and perhaps I didn't make my meaning clear.

I was not suggesting your opinion was not valid, nor challenging your right to hold that view or even to refuse to sell the product.

I was making the point that emotive language is unprofessional, and customers (and PF1ers) will respect a reasoned argument more than a blanket statement that the product is useless.

Sure some people have problems with it, but every program has its problems and even the popular alternative browsers release patches for security flaws at regular intervals. I like IE, it suits me fine and gives me no problems, but that doesn't mean I need to bad-mouth all the others.

Nothing seems to engender heated feelings faster on PF1 than differences of opinion over the merits of popular software or hardware.

Linux vs Windows, AMD vs Intel, NAV vs AVG etc etc.


Billy 8-{)
I believe implicitly in free speech and freedom of choice, so I will
defend your right to be completely wrong to my dying breath!

17-08-2004, 12:25 PM
Billy T, thatís just sad sanctimonious crapola.

Come down off your high horse, down to the frontlines and you may learn a thing or 2.

17-08-2004, 01:39 PM
As a smarter man than me once remarked in relation to a small Ford, "There's a world of difference between 'Popular' and 'Common' ". (It's mainly advertising that mixes them up).
'Rare' and "Excellent" seem much more closely related .
Personally, I have Norton's A/V, and uninstalled it for a failure to perform it's desired function. I would like to remove all it's little hooks and feelers, but it's only in Windows, so not really worth the bother. Maybe when the dust of SP2 settles, I'll try Windows again, but any anti-virus program worthy of the name will probably block Win entirely ;) AVG is certainly a whole lot faster than NAV (on my system) both at boot and during scanning.
Linux, however, currently suits my style admirably and unfurrows the brow.
Maybe when the SP2 patches DVD comes out I'll try it. In the meantime, it will make a lot of techs happy, and a lot of users unhappy. Most users will be indifferent I suspect, and not care about the added slowdown.

Billy T
17-08-2004, 03:04 PM
OK metla, let's just agree to disagree.

I was trying to be polite to you, and offer some friendly advice for maintaining success in business, but it appears as though that was a wasted effort. However, I have spent 40 years in the front line of electronics-related consumer service, and that qualifies me to hold an informed opinion on good business practices and customer relations.

When you have been in business successfully and profitably through several economic ups and downs, maybe you will have earned the right to be a little forthright at times, but you will find out over time that bad attitude = bad business, and slagging the comfort zone offered by respectable mainstream products, or denigrating consumer's choices will make them vote with their feet. Tactfully steering them to preferred alternatives is a much better idea.

The worst thing is, as a sole trader you will never know how many customers you may have lost, or how many recommendations bad attitude may have cost you. It is commercial B.O. and customers who can't stand the smell will vote with their feet. They won't phone the trader to complain, they will phone others to tell them how bad they were.

In customer service good news spreads slowly, while bad news spreads like a virus. You may be doing well right now, but you will never know how much better you could have done.


Billy 8-{)

17-08-2004, 03:37 PM
My god,Talk about awash in arrogance.

I will most certainly live or die by the quality of my service,lmao,that aint got nothing to do with the amount of times i have had to remove the amazingly bad mannerd Norton products from peoples systems.

I almost pity you after reading your post.

17-08-2004, 07:35 PM
What is a Ford Common? do you mean Consul?

Thanks for advice Jen C I have printed the page next time it comes up with dumb OBJECT MOVED I will lower scale on security.
I like Nortons AVG I used to have a 1970 Norton Commando Roadster (non combat engine). I use Norton grinding wheels I love NORTON lol.
Thanks everyone.