View Full Version : Shockwave Installation

22-06-2000, 01:06 PM
I have tried for the last couple of weeks to install shockwave, but to no avail.

I go to www.shockwave.com, the site loads up and tells me that do not have the latest player (or don't have one at all) and that to follow this URL link to the section on downloading it.
When I get there, I get the prompt for the Certificate and I click on 'yes' to run and install director 8 and flashplayer. What happens then is that My computer says that 'this page provides potentially unsafe information to an Active X control. Your current security settings prohibit running controls in this mannor. As a result this page may not display correcly'
Then it goes and says 'Shockwave Error 10:One or more shockwave files are missing. Would you like to go to the Macromedia's web site to repair you Shockwave Player?'

If I say 'no' i'm left with a blank page, if I say 'yes' then I go to the support section of macromedia's site, but before that page finishes loading, I get the same error as first stated (Prohibition of Active X control) and then after clicking on 'ok' get the same error message AGAIN as the last error message on the previous page (Error 10: Shockwave is missing...).

This is starting to annoy me alot. I have obtained an official uninstaller from macromedia. this works. This is because I thought that me previous install didn't finish thus giving me the errors, but after successfully uninstalling, i get the exact same problem.
I have also played with the registry just like it says at the Macromedia's web site. this uses the registry to play with the .dll files that came with the installation.
After this I go the web site and get the same errors.

I first thought that this was due to the firewall that I have here, but all my friends are running their shockwave fine without any problems.

The shockwave install does install a few files before the messages show up, but not all of them, mainly the director folder and the flash .ocx file, but thats it and then the error message kick in.

I have tried everything I can think of, even playing with the security levels of IE5 that I use, still to no avail. I've also tried the advanced settings in the browser, but still nothing solves my deeply annoying problem.

Do you have any suggestions??
This thing is bugging me and will keep buggin me until I get this Installed, I'm not going to just ignore it and not go to 'shocked' sites.