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14-07-2004, 12:36 AM
i installed norton anitvirus 2003 and everything went smoothly..............and everything installed properly.......however sometime after i click the "finish"button to exit the installation, and b4 i could restart the comp.............a message comes up saying "Norton Antivirus has encountered an error, please uninstall and reinstall Norton Antivirus" or somewhere along the lines of that........

any suggestions?
i ran AVG virus.......came up clean........i ran Spy sweeper and spybot and adware........no spyware in my comp ( i think.....)

im running win2000 professional service pack 2

14-07-2004, 02:40 AM

I have had numerous problems with Norton over recent times, I believe what you need to do in this case is you need to do a "cold boot" with ALL norton files removed entirely from your computer and then reinstall it. On the norton page it will tell you what you need to uninstall and which folders to delete and remove to preform this uninstall.

Their help pages are pretty helpful, but i think you need to uninstall everything to do with norton, antivirus, security and start again (and there is more to it than just clicking the uninstall link in add/remove) thats why i suggest searching their help pages for the cold boot removal help...

Hope that helps


14-07-2004, 06:48 AM
you say you ran avg, did you reinstall it or was it already installed when you did your nortons install. If avg was installed while you were installing nortons this could be part of your problem. ITs not reccomended to run two virus checkers side by side as they somtimes clash as do running two firewalls.
Although it can be done.