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12-07-2004, 12:28 PM
I am about to purchase a larger hard drive for my computer as I now have 2 40gb drives and I will replace one with an 80 gb drive. How do I transfer all the files on my 40gb to the new 80gb with out loosing any files. thanks

12-07-2004, 12:46 PM
Not sure where you will have your OS installed also not sure how full your drives are, but if it is staying on one of the 40g drives and they are both pretty full I would pop the side off the box unplug the slave and plug in your new 80g, you may need to format the drive, using windows explorer select all the files eg. My Documents folder goto Edit > Copy. Navigate to your new drive and click Edit > Paste.
Then delete all these files from your 40g drive, switch off plug in your old 40g in place of the 80g, switch on and do the same as above except taking the files from the second 40g and coping them to the drive with the OS. Then switch off. Plug in your 80g back in to the slave position and transfer the files as described above if nessary. (make sure you do not have two "My Documents" folders, rename the one on the 80g drive.

Hope this is understandable, it's a bit of mucking around, but it will work.
Alternativly you could buy a DVD writer and you could back up every thing onto a couple of 4.7g discs


D. McG
12-07-2004, 01:40 PM
There may be a problem if you want to copy the entire OS across and simply copy files across, as the OS will need to write its bootloader code to the boot sector so that it will load itself from the new disk. I'm not sure if formatting the disk will prepare the boot sector apart from simply recording the number of tracks, cylinders, file system etc. and setting up the partition table for this partition. If it doesn't you'll need to reinstall the OS on the new drive before you copy all the files (including drivers) across. Just pray that there isn't some 'anti-piracy' measure that prevents installation because a different drive is being detected.

12-07-2004, 01:58 PM
D McG is correct, that you can't just "copy" over the Windows system and expect it to boot. For that you need to copy the contents as an "image" using Ghost or Drive Image (these cost $ though).

Look on the website of the new HDD maker though, they often have utilities for download free that may accomplish this for the new drive.

12-07-2004, 02:14 PM
Easiest way is to use Drive image 2002 like i do or Ghost which is more complicated but does the same job

12-07-2004, 02:16 PM
Presuming you are keeping the 40 GB HDD with the OS installed, install the 80GB HDD as primary slave and the other 40GB HDD temporarily as secondary slave, copy the data across and then remove. Copy the data not move incase there is a problem then you won't loose any data.

12-07-2004, 04:04 PM
Thank you Rob, I should have mentioned the 40gb drive I am shifting does not include my OS( XP Pro ) as that is on the drive I will be keeping but the drive I want to transfer info on includes about 35gb of files mainly all my video films which have still to be edited as well as numerous other files I dont want to loose. My no 1 drive with Os on it is also about 3parts full as well so I dont have a lot of room left as you can see. Regards Ron

12-07-2004, 05:05 PM
My suggestion is to remove the hard drive on which you have Windows (HDD1) and replace it with the new 80GB hard drive (HDD3). Unplug the other hard drive (HDD2) then partition and format HDD3 as required and install Windows (temporarily) into the first partition.
Once that is done, plug HDD2 back in and copy/transfer your data to HDD3.
After that is completed, replace HDD2 with HDD1 and copy/transfer the remaining data from HDD1 to HDD3.
You can then swap the two hard drives (via jumpers) to boot from HDD1 and delete the temporary Windows installation on HDD3.

12-07-2004, 06:24 PM
Hi Tommy This makes it quite a simple procudure thank you so much Regards Ron