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03-07-2004, 06:38 PM
My recent readings, email and browser problems, have led me to accept it's time for a change away from IE and OE.

I have a PC World disc with :

Mozilla 1.6
Firefox 6.8
Thunderbird 0.5
Opera 7.23 ............

As a home user, for general browsing and email, which of the above should I select...or is there a better choice available..

03-07-2004, 08:05 PM
Rosie - I am sure you will get lots of replies on this. I am one of the less experienced members but from all I have read and experienced my pick would be to start with Firefox but get the latest version 0.9. Some who are quicker than me will guide you to the site for downloading but if that, for some inexplicable reason does not happen, then I will. I am weary tonight, but may well be invigorated tomorrow !

You are a brave lady, but keep with it, exploring the boundaries will pay dividends. I am learning about Firefox and am fully confident that I will not only feel safer but will feel freer and more adventurous.

I read recently in the "NZ Herald" that some worldwide body in the IT sphere was recommending that users for a short while use browers other than I.E. (because of the risk) so there you have it from some conservative people.

Good luck !
Misty :)

03-07-2004, 08:18 PM
MyIE2 (http://www.myie2.com)

03-07-2004, 08:22 PM
Go for Opera, Rosie, once you get used to it,it leaves the others for dead.


03-07-2004, 08:28 PM
Opera. ;-)

03-07-2004, 08:34 PM
> Opera

I tried it, but didn't like it.

1. The program loaded slower than IE

2. It loaded pages slower then IE

But back on track, I suggest you use trial and error. I did this, and found the only problem I found was the programs squabbling to be the default browser.


03-07-2004, 08:44 PM
Hi Rosie, i use "Firefox" and before that "Firebird", personally i wouldn't be without it now ;-). If you are thinking about going to "Firefox" i would recommend going for a newer version - as others will tell you. Version 0.9 has recently been released, however i have stayed with the previous version of 0.8, mainly because i use certain addons/extensions that aren't yet available in 0.9. But if you are a new user, i would probably recommend going for the latest version available of v0.9

Here (http://texturizer.net/firefox/download.html#release)

Supergran also recently posted on this subject

Here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=48787)

so there may also be some helpful imfo there too :-).

It pays to keep I.E installed (if xp you haven't got much choice) as you will still come across pages that will not be viewable in "Firefox" ocassionally :-). Overall i couldn't recommend "Firefox" more highly, it suits my browsing habits exceptionally, i couldn't do without the "tabbed browsing" now, which is a main feature that people enjoy from it :-). So give it a go :-) , i am sure you won't regret it, and if you do run into probs theres always plenty of help available here and you can always just fire up I.E again ;-).

I have only used "Firefox" (browser), so can't comment on which e-mail client would be better as an alternative, however i am sure others will be able to help with that - the Mozilla suite is popular i think, don't know if that includes "Firefox" or not though ?:| .

03-07-2004, 08:48 PM
Mozilla has browser and email with the same setup where as Firefox is a stand alone browser and Thunderbird is a stand alone email client both based on the Mozilla code (and good). Opera is a web browser.
To be honest you would probably find Mozilla more convenient

03-07-2004, 08:50 PM
Can you email with Opera now.

03-07-2004, 08:51 PM
MyIE2 still uses the guts of IE though so you still end up with all the vulnerabilities

03-07-2004, 08:56 PM
I've used them all Rosie,and I now soley use Opera.
It does have mail facility as part of it,
and you don't need to travell around looking for a specific plug in for different sites,like you have to constantly have to with Firefox etc.I sure got tired of having to do that.
As for speed,it's on par,or faster than the others,but leaves IE standing.


Murray P
03-07-2004, 09:02 PM
For free (and advert free) give Firefox 0.9 and Thunderbird a try or for a little more convenience in setting up browser and email together Mozilla is good. I haven't tried MY-IE but have heard it can cause some of the same issues as IE which it essentailly is with add-ons. People swear by Opera, the latest has a new built in email client and wemail is available but, the free version is supported by adverts the paid version is not.

Why not give them all a try. It will boild down to personal preference and what works for you/your need are.

Cheers Murray P

03-07-2004, 09:10 PM
Thank you team - what a great response ...

probably too many chardonnay's tonite, but tomorrow I'll have a good hard look at it - thanks for your advice and responses.


03-07-2004, 09:18 PM
> People swear by Opera,
> the latest has a new built in email client and wemail
> is available but, the free version is supported by
> adverts the paid version is not.

You're dead right Murray,
I have the free version,and the only add is a small insignificant one on the right of the tool bar.You get a choice of who places their adds there,I opted for the google adds.
The beauty of the email is I just click on the icon on the toolbar,and I'm set to go.
Still,I reckon everyone has their favourites,and endeavor to support what they use.Like me.


03-07-2004, 10:47 PM
Hello Rosie 1,
Computers are alien to me but two years ago I was given an old pc with Win 95. This was mindboggling -please don't laugh- but the hdd died and like you I thought that there has to be a better OS than IE etc.
Hence the foray into Linux. The PC I purchased came with CD's to install Mozilla with KDE desktop. Again I was all at sea, but that was just me, not Mozilla.
If, unlike me, you know anything at all about computers, then you will have no problems with Mozilla's GUI and web-browsing and emails will be easy-peasy. If I can do it in Mozilla I can guarantee anyone can.
I am afraid that I know zilch about Firefox, Opera etc so cannot comment on them.
Hope that my 2 cents worth is of use to you.


03-07-2004, 11:15 PM
One problem I had with Mozilla was with my network (wireless); I installed Mozilla on my laptop and found that browsing was a total shambles, same with Firefox. But IE worked fine as did MyIE2. I made posts to this site, but no one could really help me. Then one evening in a flash of inspiration I found, from the Mozilla help site (I think Linux Guru's used to say RTFM), that my "Proxy" server might be causing a problem and by going to Edit - Preferences-Advanced-HTTP networking and changing HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 1.0, the problem was solved.
There are some quirks with Mozilla, but once I got used to them it was fine and I quite like it as a browser and e-mail client. My son, the programmer prefers it for his work.
Another thing, from Tools - Cookie Manager, just be aware of the settings there as some passworded sites might not work unless you allow cookies.
I've found I still have to have IE for some things, but I might get rid of MyIE2 off the laptop.

Greg S
04-07-2004, 11:18 AM

04-07-2004, 02:58 PM
hi ya,
i have Mozilla Firebird on one machine
and Mozilla Firefox on other and love both, havent tried opera,
but i hate IE and only go back there when all else fails.

havent tried the emails of anything else yet, but will get there one day soon.
stick in the mud on OE for that one.

best of luck, and theres lots of people here who can help with Mozilla or other browser probs. if you strike any that is.