View Full Version : Sound problems

03-07-2004, 02:14 PM
Upgraded to Win XP a couple of weeks ago, and have had nothing but problems getting sound to go. (XP home, XP2800+, KX600 Pro MB, Via chip running Realtek AC'97 (file WDM_a359.exe) onboard sound drivers. Had no problems running on old Win 98se. I have tried the latest drivers (from mb home page) & tried the original form the mb disk.
I finally got the sound going by flashing the bios (the Albatron home page had the bios upgrade that described the problems I was having, and initially fixed the problem). However, when shutting down, the exclamation mark comes back up again under device manager, and no sound! If I uninstall the drivers, reboot, reload drivers, & reboot, the sound will go again. But every time I shut down again...you get the drift.
Anyway, I'm sick of reloading the drivers every day as you can imagine. Has anyone come accross this, or have any ideas (please don't suggest buying a seperate sound card). btw, the sound is enabled in the bios. thanks.