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18-06-2000, 12:11 AM
I have a computer 120 Pentium \ 16 meg. ram \ 56k modem \ windows 95 \
I Explorer 3 - & am quite happy as it does all I need with mainly e-mail & word processor & some Internet.

I have a old version realplayer audio model 2.1 & wish to download a free version 7 or 8 version.
My problem - the download from the site only goes thru a couple of windows before a shadowy background appears, (like a page with partial overlay) where it appears there should be spaces available to give info before continuing working toward the download. The next window\page I go to says I can go no further with the download because I have not filled in the info details, 'go back & fill in' which I presume are on the previous screen I cant read.
My Question (1) - Is this download affected because I am using IE 3 & not a more modern version ?
My Question (2) - Knowing my computer details, would it slow me down too much to upgrade to IE5 ? .. are their benefits to do so ?

many thanks for great mag.

Jim Hurn