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Billy T
25-06-2004, 06:15 PM

A song of triumph, sung in celebration of victory.

The battle of Bannockburn:

On June 24th 1314, 30,000 Scots, ably led by their King, Robert Bruce, scored a resounding victory over the 100,000 strong English army of Edward II. It is said that the English carriages and wagons were so many that if placed in a line they would have extended sixty miles.

Although loosely called "the English Army" by historians, it was made up of English, Irish and Welsh "vassals" plus foreign troops from Flanders, Gascony, Guienne and Acquitaine, Poictou and Languedoc.

At the end of the battle (all over in one day in those times), 200 knights, 700 nobles and more than 30,000 of the "common file" lay dead at Bannockburn. Scottish losses were very few by comparison and the plunder of valuables from the English camp was estimated at 200,000 pounds (probably 200 million or more in today's money).

From that day on, the crown of Scotland was never again under serious threat.

Source: "British Battles" Volume 1 by James Grant, published 1888.
From my smallish library of oldish books.

This is for those who share a little scots blood, and maybe enjoy a wee dram on a cold winter's night.


Billy 8-{) :|

Today being the day after the battle was won,
no doubt there was much singing of epinicion.