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25-06-2004, 12:30 PM
Gidday all

Am interested to hear from anyone in PF1 (except flamers and trolls), their recommendations for Spam Filters or website reviews of Spam Filters.

And I am not talking about Spam Filter on desktop, I am after an enterprise (aka server version) eg Mail Marshal or Barracuda.

Is anyone running a server version and have you found it effective (ie you don't spend hours per day managing it)?


25-06-2004, 12:41 PM
Oh BTW - I've read the reviews in http://www.securitypipeline.com/20300229

Let me know if you use any of the applications listed there.

Also, very interested in Open Source solutions. Anyone used SpamBayes ( http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/ ) or ASSP ( http://assp.sourceforge.net/ ) before?

25-12-2004, 05:18 PM
Just a follow up on a old post.

Last week I've called up the Barracuda Network distributor in Australia and they kindly send me a C200 spam firewall to test. So confident were they that they promise I will buy the test unit itself.

Installation was really easy, all done through a web interface. Once we've set up the domains and the email servers' IP addresses on the Barracuda appliance we redirected our firewall to send our emails to it and we were ready to roll.

Within the first few minutes we were already filtering spams and virus.

After two days I placed an order for a C300 (which allows personal filter option). All in total cost for next three years is under $10K including 3 years of spam/virus database updates and 3 years replacement insurance (24 hrs delivery). So cost for me is approx $3.3K per annum or $277 per month.

Unit is built on Open Source linux and a bayesian spam filter.

Biggest impression I got was the fact I haven't had to put in any keywords or subject title etc. It just started filtering like a pro. After 5 days I'm seeing approximately 50% of our incoming emails are spam or virus. I've been told this will go up to 70% eventually. I'm not even setting the system to quarantine anything because the leakage has been so low the users are happy to delete those manually.

Biggest plus for me as an IT Manager is no need to purchase PC, install Linux, or install mail filter software. I got me an appliance that I can plug into the network straight out of the box and got it working within a few hours. I didn't even have to reconfigure my email server.

Any IT Managers or companies out there getting complaints from their users about spams should seriously have a look at these appliances. I understand there are about three or four vendors with appliance solutions but I settled for Barracuda without even checking the others out.

And for the IT Managers who are reading this, I haven't even filed a CAPEX for it yet, I'm that confident of its ROI.

http://www.barracudanetworks.com for those wanting to do more research.