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23-06-2004, 06:05 PM
Hi there,
I have a desktop pc connected to a dynalink rta300, and have just bought a notebook, which I would also like to plug into the router. The router has 4 ports in the back, but I have no idea if I have to change settings or do anything special to connect the laptop as well. The desktop will always be plugged into it, but the notebook only sometimes. Anybody know where I should start...or of an existing topic already covering this? Many thanks :-)
(Both run xp and have 10/100 lan (whatever that does))!

23-06-2004, 06:16 PM
Check on the desktop to see if it using a static IP address or DHCP. :D

Go into thr Control Panel then Network connections. Right-click on the Local Area Connection icon the select properties. Then double-click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). In there see what the settings are.

If it is set to Optain and IP addresss automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically then set it to the same on the laptop. Plug it in to the router and you should be set.

If the desktop has a whole lot of numbers set in there then copy all numbers to the laptop EXCEPT make the IP address last set of number/s different (BUT not the same as the Default Gateway!).
All other numbers should be the same. Plug it in to the router and you should be set.

23-06-2004, 06:18 PM
You probably got a network cable with the laptop?

Plug that into the router, and leave the other end of the cable where you will normally be working on the laptop near the home. Then when you need to use the laptop, plug the end of the network cable into it.

For the Dynalink RTA300 it is relatively simple to set up. In the laptop go into the network settings and for TCP/IP set up the gateway as and your IP address for the laptop perhaps as long as its different to the desktop (or automatically assign by DHCP), subnet mask

You might want to look up on some networking FAQs on the net.

23-06-2004, 06:18 PM
awesome thankyou!
Thanks for the speedy answer

John H
24-06-2004, 10:24 AM
I have the same set up as you, and kiki is spot on - the IP address for your RTA300 is probably the same as mine as it is still the default setting - the one given by kiki.

I take the laptop all over the country and when I am home I just plug in the cord from the router and away we go. My desktop synchronises my data (including Outlook files) to the laptop on a daily schedule so both computers carry the same info. All through the RTA300 router.


24-06-2004, 10:30 AM
I know this is o/t of the original thread but I would love to know how to synchronize Outlook files automatically. Got a how to available as I can't work it out!

John H
24-06-2004, 10:47 AM
>I know this is o/t of the original thread but I would love to know how to synchronize Outlook files automatically.

I use a programme called SmartSync Pro to synchronise my data and Outlook files. If you are interested, go to:

You can set up SmartSync to happen according to a schedule that you want, or do it manually. I do it manually as far as Outlook is concerned, because of the issue in the next para of this post, whereas I have the synchronisation of other data (e.g. My Documents) set to work automatically on a daily basis.

There is a trick to synchronising Outlook that took me a while to figure out. You have to close Outlook before the synchronisation takes place, otherwise Outlook is locked and it won't be a happening thing.

24-06-2004, 11:25 AM
Thanks for that. I'll give it a go.

24-06-2004, 04:12 PM
Thanks for the info. I have a wireless network to the laptop from a Linksys WAG54G ADSL gateway so I have the network up and running. It would just be nice to be able to have a simple way to sync Outlook so I have updated contacts, calander, email etc on both desktop and laptop. I'll give your product a go and see how I get on. Looks as though it will do the job :) Do you use the pro version or not. From what I have read so far I would require the pro?

John H
24-06-2004, 04:17 PM
I use SSPro through both a cable connection to the laptop in my outside office and a Linksys wireless connection to the other laptop in the house (the family computer). The WAP is plugged into the RTA300 the same as the desktop and laptop.

Sorry, but I can't recall the differences between the Pro and other version of SmartSync. I have the Pro version, and have been using it for a couple of years I would guess. I must have chosen to pay for it for some reason that I can't recall!