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22-06-2004, 01:01 AM
I read somewhere about transfering files from one pc to another but I'm durned if I can find it again. My writer has just died and I want to move lots of stuff to another machine. I think it was called something like network transfering. Some help with this would be great or what the process is called so that I can do a Google for it. Cheers Ken.

Murray P
22-06-2004, 01:09 AM
what OS's Ken? Do you have network cards in each computer or are you looking for alternative methods?

Have a look at the PF1 FAQs, #42 How Do I Network My PC. Give it plenty of time to laod.

Another good place to start is World Of Windows Networking (http://www.wown.com/j_helmig/contact.htm) or WOWN for short.

Cheers Murray P

22-06-2004, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the reply Murray...the stuff you mentioned was a good start on a subject I haven't looked into till now. I'll check out the links you sent for more detail. My files are on an elderly Win98 OS (FAT32) and the other machine is a very young one with WinXP Home. (NTFS) I'll have to run Aria to find out about the network cards.

I've got a lot of big files so using floppies and Splitter would be a marathon effort. I'll get back when I've had time to swat up the links you sent. Thanks again.....Ken.