View Full Version : Making mp3/WMA CD's

Ashley Matthews
21-06-2004, 10:40 PM

I just bought a new head deck for my car, and i want to use it's feature of being able to read mp3's and wma files. I have two questions in this regard.


Do i need to burn them separately? i.e one cd of mp3's and one cd of wma's, or can they go on the same cd.


Do I need to burn it in a special way (folder structure, nero settings etc) or just a normal ISO-9600 CD?

For reference the unit as a DEH-5650MP

Thanks in advance

the highlander
21-06-2004, 11:33 PM
Speculating here based on my mp3 cd walkman
If you burn a plain data cd within nero containing mp3/wma it should recognise/play both formats. Tracks will probably be organised alphabetically by either title or artist. This gets messy when you have a 100 or so on one disc--- long seek and search times. I and (I assume it would work here too) organise tracks in folders by type or album and you should have the ability to browse/select folders from your player.