View Full Version : VMware virtual network bridging doesn't work

20-06-2004, 12:18 PM
I have VMware setup with Windows XP, and various Linux distros. My computer is running Windows 2000....

I need the network to work so I can share files and use the internet on the virtual machines.

However the bridged networking does not work... infact no matter what I do it doesn't work...

I have tried bridging it to my Motherboard LAN, and a network card, but to no avail...

Has anyone had any experience in using this program and knows how to remedy this?

It is VMware version 4.5.2.


20-06-2004, 08:08 PM
Networking for the virtual machines should be set up exactly as if they are standalone - as long as the virtual OS has found the required hardware! THis in my experience is where VMware falls down - a OS that will find it's hardware when installed standalone sometimes will not when installed as a virtual machine.

Some points in your post are not quite clear to me - is this PC on a LAN? What technology are you using to access the internet? ADSL, 56k modem? Do you use DHCP on your LAN (if you have one) or static IP nos?

To share files between the virtual OSs and the host OS it is best to set up a partition that has a common file system that can be read by all the OSs (i.e. FAT32).

20-06-2004, 10:15 PM
Try NAT instead, I've had issues with Bridged and so have some others Ive been talking to in #gentoo on freenode.net :-)

21-06-2004, 06:41 PM
>s this PC on a LAN? What technology are you using to access the internet?
My PC is on a LAN but there is nothing connected to it... I have two network cards, one an integrated into mobo one.

I have turned on ICS and would like to connect to the internet through the afforementioned lan (workgroup=p2p) using a 56k, however the bridging on the virtual machine ware is not working.

I have not assigned static IPs (yet), DHCP will not enable in the VMware (crashes software), NAT is not even selectable on the options in vmware (greyed out) and something else that looks liek it might be helpful in there is greyed out too....