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Mev y
18-06-2004, 02:12 PM
Hi there,
I am having trouble installing a new printer. After a lot of effort I am now down to the error message " Bi Directional Printer Communication to be Enabled" Can any one please tell me how to do this?

Also a reply I received from the manufactuer was to check the BIOS and see that the printer port is set to ECP. How do I do this?



18-06-2004, 02:32 PM
when you power up the system you should see a message that says "del to enter setup"

push the del key.

this should get you in to the BIOS setup screen.

look around the menus for a setting for printer port or LPT1 or parall port.

set this to ECP

things might be diffrent on your system.

if you need more help then we will need to know exactly what computer you have. motherboard maker would be nice.

Graham L
18-06-2004, 02:32 PM
You need to get into the BIOS setup to do this. Immediately after start up, you might see a "press DEL to setup" message. Or not. :D It depends on the manufacturer. Some IBM and Compaq computers put a white block in the top right hand corner of the screen. While the block is there, pressing F10 (COmpaq) or F1 or F2 (IBM) will start the set up. DEL is quite common for generic or other brands. The motherboard manual will tell you. A "Getting Started" book from a manufacturer might ...

You will see a page with either a group of lines with one "brighted up", or a set of tabs. You can move the selection with the arrow keys, and use <Enter> to use one.

You need "Peripherals" or something like that. You won't do any damage. You can get out if in doubt with the <Esc> key. The parallel/printer port will probably let you choose between "Standard, Bi-Directional, EPP, ECP..." There might be differences in the naming. ECP looks like the one you want. Move the selection (possibly with PgUp/PgDn --- it will tell you ;-)). Then (probably) Esc until you get opetions like "Exit without saving/Exit saving configuration/Return to menu" ... Use the "exit with save" option. The computer will then boot using the new setting.