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12-06-2004, 02:25 PM
Hey guys,

Went out and bought an actual adio video RCA cable today (THANKS JAYCAR!)

$20 for 10m of Left Right and Video.

Now I've hooked up everything, installed dualview - my gfx card is a gf4 mx440 with 64mb vidram. I even bought a 3.5 stereo to 2xRCA adaptor for my soundcard.

Now that I've hooked it up tho, I've found a few problems.

1) My GFX card sux - time for an upgrade. This dualdisplay stuff really does eat your video ram doesnt it?

2)Why does my tv have like magnetized splotches at certain parts of the screen? I have the TV set to M/NTSC. Is this right for new zealand? How about the TV? The TV is a 25" Philips 25PT4273... I spose that doesnt help right, theres thousands of different TVs. In the Specifications it has ###74 but not ###73. I figured 74 is the closest, and its compatible with the aformentioned standard, but also with the following:
PAL 60 Playback
So which is the best for me? Also is there any way I could damage my gfx card or tv by doing this?

3) My TV's all the way in the lounge. I have it on channel AV2 (AV1 being the VCR) so is there some kind of 3rd party app thats like a virtual screen. Cos I can't see what I'm putting on the TV unless I walk out there. Which is a *****. It would suck if my parents were watching a DivX and a porno movie popped up in the middle of the screen :D

4)Audio. Theres only one out plug. I have a mic and also a line in, but this mobo doesn't let me assign the audio ports like my old one did. So if I installed an actual soundcard, is there any way I could channel that sound to only the TV screen, or make the applications use onlty that device? It would suck if they were watching a movie and music (or other suspicious sounds;-)) started playing overtop of the movie. Also it seems like the sound to the TV is underpowered. Is this from the cable length, or the absence of a preamp or something.

Cheers in advance....


12-06-2004, 04:29 PM
What? Do I smell or something?


Also, how can I disable the 2nd display if I want my vidram back?

Thanks in advance.

12-06-2004, 04:42 PM
Eat at your Video RAM? Not likely, it in fact uses next to nothing.....

CPU Usage is very minimal, Ive run 6x PCI Cards (A mix of four were 2MB, one was 3MB and one was 4MB) on a P75 with 32MB RAM and very little noticable difference, unless I was dragging an app across desktops.

The NZ TV Standard is PAL, Not NTSC

For a "Virtual Screen", try the Magnifier under Accessability Tools in your Start Menu, set it to 1x magnification.

Some apps will let you specify which soundcard you want to use. I remember DJ'ing a Dance Party, and I got a little bored.
I was running WinXP at the time, and had set my default sound output to be my crappy Onboard AC '97. I was running the Music out with WinAmp 2.8x at the time using my SB! Live Soundcard.

I used the "Switch User" function and logged in as a second user. I set the user to "Use only prefferred sound device" and loaded up Unreal Tournament for a few minutes while the 5 queued up songs played out :D

Nobody was any the wiser!

Hope this helps


12-06-2004, 04:53 PM
I can't smell you mate - but maybe leave out the 'specifics' of why you need these solutions ;)


1) When my son runs the signal thru the TV while playing games (so his mates can see how good/bad he is at CS rather than crowding around the PC screen), there doesn't appear to be any slowdown. His card is 128 meg though, so maybe 64 isn't enough.

2) The coloured splotches may be interference from magnetic splotches like speakers, or maybe you just moved the TV to face another way? Turn TV off, leave it unplugged for a while and plug it back in. When finished watching TV turn it off completely rather than leaving on standby.

If not, there are settings to adjust in the Nvidia control panel on your PC, which generally adjust screen size and sharpness. PAL BGH I think is what you should be looking to set it on.

3) Isn't your PC monitor a 'virtual screen'? You should be also seeing what is going on your TV, on your PC monitor, at the same time.

4) You can specify what audio device is used to play audio - once you have a second card in you can specify one or the other - HOWEVER most applications will use the wav volume out, so I don't think you will be able to have say media player use wav on the PCI soundcard and also use a wav type sound from a separate source on your on-board PC sound.

Basically, as the TV is showing what's happening on the video, you are stuck with just one application at a time.


12-06-2004, 05:01 PM
Alrighty,He is using the tv as an additional screen,not as a clone display of his desktop,it will use the vram more then the clone/mirror set up.

as to the sound issue,You can get media apps that in conjunction with 1 decent sound card can pley differtent media through different channels.

One of my clients is a dj and does this 100 percent of the time through his soundblaster live.

12-06-2004, 05:01 PM
Just to expand on a few things here:
Yes, 64MB is more than enough, unless you're doing Full-screen games that use Both outputs at once, the second display will usually just be sitting there doing nothing, maybe an explorer window open, web browser, IM client whatever.. It wont affect it, honest :-)

As a note to (3), Jester, You can set your monitors to mirror each other, or to work as independant from each other so you can drag windows between devices to make one really long or really tall desktop for example.

Hope this helps


Billy T
12-06-2004, 05:07 PM
> 2)Why does my tv have like magnetized splotches at
> certain parts of the screen? I have the TV set to
> M/NTSC. Is this right for new zealand?

The splotches may be due to unshielded Hi Fi speakers too close to the the TV, or perhaps they may have been too close in the past. If you use a remote to switch off the TV it will not be degaussing itself so turn it off at the wall, leave it for 30 minutes and switch on again. That should fix it.

Even if it doesn't come fully right on the first try you should see some improvement but you may have to repeat the cycle three or four times to get it right.

If that still doesn't do it, either the auto-degauss is on the fritz or it needs manual degaussing (which is much more powerful). that will require you to take it to your nearest TV repair shop.

Finally, if manual degaussing doesn't fix it, the TV may have been dropped on its face at some time, in which case it is a lost cause unless you recall such an incident and have appropriate insurance. Problem with that option is the repair would exceed the value of the TV so unless you have full replacement-value insurance they would probably just pay you out and that would not be enought to fix or replace, except with a second hand TV.

Chill is right too, you need PAL, not NTSC.


Billy 8-{)

12-06-2004, 11:17 PM
Ok, so about the audio thing, I've just got an onboard audio connection so do I need a preamp? Will 1watt do?

Jaycar have these kits that are 1watt amplifiers and run off 6-12v dc. So I was thinking of running the amp off a floppy connector in my case.

Can I do this.

13-06-2004, 12:16 PM
Nah, no Amp is really neccesary :-)

Just run from the Line-Out to the Line-In on your sound system :-)

13-06-2004, 03:42 PM
OK, so I've installed a second audio card, but how can I get winamp to direct signal through the second card?

Are there any 3rd part apps that can do this? I bet linux would have like 6... :D

13-06-2004, 03:54 PM

Part of this forum is helping you to help yourself, so look around in the WinAmp Preferences. To me this would seem obvious.

First off, its a Preference, so you look in the WinAmp Preferences
Second, Its to do with Audio Output, So goto the Output options (Under Plugins)

Next, you're not using WaveOut are you, you're not using the DiskWriter plugin, so that leaves the DirectSound ouput doesnt it.....

C'mon dude, it cant be that hard to follow your nose can it be?

13-06-2004, 10:48 PM
Oh man, :8}

I looked in the preferences but I didn't think that it would be in plugins... I thought it would just have a setting.

Well, thanks for all your help guys, I'm set now....

lights, camera... action!