View Full Version : Network Adapter - 10/100 Card Intel EtherExpress

10-11-1998, 06:46 PM
I have got a problem which has not been resolved since my last lan.
First thing is that the last LAN I went to I had tried to download some files off a FTP server to my amazement it was only downloading to a max of 8.0k.
I have a feeling that my network adapter has been acting up all the drivers etc and it was configured properly. I know that someone may not be configured but downloading at 8.0k is rather slow compared to other 3 PC's I tested on the day reaching all at about 350k it's like 100 times faster.

Have you ever came by this problem before ? I'm sure it's either the full duplex or half but my Intel cards is all automatic so it configures itself.

Thank You