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05-06-2004, 12:36 PM
How can I synchronize my laptop with my desktop?
I am wanting to synchronize all the data files of my common programs, mainly outlook, ACT, and other programs.

I looked at that synchronization manager, and it said something about synchronizing offline files, yet the only files it saw was home page or something. I have heaps of shared files, and it never recongnised them.

Any Ideas? I just want to be able to turn the laptop on, and the two computers bring each other up to date, without me having to do much.

05-06-2004, 12:53 PM
Check out the "Briefcase" folder function.

You can't synchronise "all files" as some system files are specific to the laptop and vice versa.

You only need to synchronise data files, as you suggest. Locating these in a Briefcase folder should allow it.

Of course not quite sure if that works in an Apple environment. Or do you use Windows? As you don't say, we can but guess.

05-06-2004, 12:59 PM
Sorry, XP Pro.

The problem is, if I just sycronise the files, and they all go to briefcase, then I will have a 600mb Outlook.pst sitting there, but, how will that be sychronised?

If I get 1 email on the desktop, and 1 email on the laptop, will it combine those, and make 2 emails? Even if it does, I will then have to go and copy the outlook.pst into each computers c:\wherever it is\outlook\

And then I would have to do that for every other program?

05-06-2004, 01:05 PM
Have a look and followup here (http://informationweek.storagepipeline.com/howto/showArticle.jhtml;jsessionid=D3ZLWCAQGPXWQQSNDBNSK HQ?articleId=18311888&pgno=3)

05-06-2004, 01:31 PM