View Full Version : How can I find missing hard drive space?

30-05-2004, 03:22 PM

When I received my computer with a 60 gig hard drive my friend created a dual boot. He installed Windows XP H.E and Suse Linux.
A few months ago I encountered a virus using Win XP and my friend unstalled Win XP and re-installed it. I told him I hardly ever used Linux, so he unstalled that too.
Thing is, I don't know where all the space is gone that Linux left behind. In Windows my C drive is about 5 gigs, D drive about 8, and E drive about 10. That's some 23 gigs, but where is the rest?
Can anyone tell me how I might be able to find to other hard drive space?


30-05-2004, 03:31 PM
what your friend wouldnt of done is set back the partitions to be read in windows, when a HDD is partitioned for Linux, it is unable to be read by windows. simply just deleting linux wont bring back these partitions and space.

easiest way is to get ahold of partition magic 8, not sure what version is out now. and......i cant remeber what else to do...bugger. has been a long time since i used Linux. but it should be easy enough to find out to get linux used partitions back with a nice google search.

hope all goes well. (if anyone sees that i am wrong. please correct me)


30-05-2004, 03:42 PM
In the start - run box, enter this... compmgmt.msc

Then click the "disk management" icon.

Can you see the "lost" partition there ?