View Full Version : Rebuilding Apt cache in Xandros

25-05-2004, 04:46 PM

I've basically crashed my Laptop (Hardare still faulty) while downloading, and I screwed /var/lib/dpkg/available and a few other files in that directory.

I tried copying /var/lib/dpkg from a friends PC, however that was a mistake, now it thinks that I've got half the OS installed when I only did a Minimal install...

Any ideas on how to rebuild the list of apps that I actually _do_ have installed, or has somebody got a minimal install they can send me the /var/lib/dpkg folder of?

Many thanks


Jen C
25-05-2004, 06:34 PM
Hi Chill

Do you still have a backup dpkg status file called status-old in /var/lib/dpkg? I found two articles which may help here (http://linuxworld.com/story/32607.htm) and 6.2.7 Rescue system after erasing /var (http://www.pdxlinux.org/doc/Debian/reference/ch-package.en.html). Hope one of these works for you. Unfortunately my Xandros is not a minimal install. :)