View Full Version : recent slowdown whilst on line

effie C
18-05-2004, 10:41 AM
I know I have asked a similar question a long time ago- BUT - since I have had to re- install W XP after an embaressing bit of fiddling on my part :8) I find my old adversary "thatgame-chess" has become dramaticly slow whilst sending on the net.
I stopped scanning as it went -out ( this from Nortons) and that helped a bit, but I am convinced that it is still far slower than before my debacle of the fiddling.
I have little trouble while off line but seem to lose - what? RAM when I send.
All other e mails are quite normal, and even attachments do not cause a problem, though I do detect a less than usual speed in the puta!- but the attachment that "thatgame" requires really peeves me off.
I have always had little trouble with the game, previous to the re install- even though I am told it is very old technically- and on that note I tried using W 98 / W 2000 mode in the compatibilty program- to no gain
effie c