View Full Version : text in IE turn into links

14-05-2004, 06:20 PM
help...werid problem on friend's computer...

it happens in IE:
words like 'school, free, time trust, photo' turn all into a link
and they link to "www.ntsearch.com"

it is pretty werid.. i've not come across it...
anyone got any ideas what could've caused this?

14-05-2004, 06:26 PM
It looks like you have contracted spyware. Have a look at this information (http://sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/adware.ntsearch.html) on Symantec's website. Adaware and/or Spybot may also be able to remove it.

14-05-2004, 06:27 PM
that sounds like one of the earlier adware/spware.....hotlinks????. adaware/spybot should remove it.

14-05-2004, 06:34 PM
sorry i was thinking of toptext/hottext (http://www.cexx.org/toptext.htm).

15-05-2004, 08:30 PM
ahh..thanx guys.. it was spyware.. nasty stuff..