View Full Version : Print Preview in PageMaker

bk T
30-04-2004, 11:17 PM
Is there a 'Print Preview' in PageMaker 7? I can't it. Or have I missed out something when installing it? First it was the fonts (resolved in my previous post) and now it's Print Preview.


01-05-2004, 03:30 PM
Hi. There is no print preview in PageMaker as such. However, there are a number of view options, including Fit in Window (ctrl+0) or View Entire Pasteboard (shft+ctrl+0) which lets you view a mini representation of your page layout. Personally I also find it useful to turn off any guides (ctrl+:) when viewing final layouts - I find them a little distracting. I am assuming the keyboard shortcuts I have mentioned are the same in P7.0 as they are in P6.5, which is the version I have. They are all accessible via the View menu. Cheers.