View Full Version : Boot-up/down problem.

08-11-1998, 02:32 AM
My computer is a 166 Mhz Pentium with 64 Mb ram and a 1.2 Mb harddrive. My Internet browser is Netscape Communicator 4.5. I am also using Realplayer Beta 2 version. Now the problem: When powering the computer down I sometimes don't get the message 'It is now safe to switch your computer off' at all. At other times I'll get this message allright and everything seems to be OK. However, if I boot the computer up next time I frequently get the message'Windows was not shut down properly last time... Even though I can't say it for sure it seems only to occur when I had been logged on to the Internet and in particular if I have run Realplayer. Can someone enlighten me please ??? Norbert.