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D. McG
26-04-2004, 03:10 PM
Probably another case of "Is it the CD Writer, or Windows, or the motherboard, etc?":

My CD writer just started playing up last night - it randomly ejects the tray and pulls it back in, sometimes not even fully ejected before it pulls the tray back in. I tried restarting, powering off the computer & turning it back on, actually placing a CD in the tray, all to no avail. (The audio CD was autorun by Media Player but ejected again a few seconds later).

This is particularly worrying as without it, the only means of backup is a floppy drive unless I buy a USB thumbdrive to transfer to another computer. There don't seem to be any viruses on my system, I have Ad-aware and Kerio Personal Firewall installed, and the startup items don't seem to contain anything suspicious.

After opening up the case I made sure the power connector was firmly in the drive as well as the data ribbon cable - all to no avail.

Further information that may be useful:
AMD Athlon 1400MHz
512 MB DDR Ram (probably 200MHz - installed Sept. 2001 when I bought it)
60GB 7200rpm HDD (don't think that's too relevant)
Acer DVD drive
Samsung(?) CDRW drive (the one in question) - not sure what the speeds are as I'm currently across town from that computer
Windows ME
ASUS A7A266 motherboard

The Asus PC Probe utility reports the CPU temperature at 56-58 degrees (C), and the motherboard at 27 degrees. The CPU fan seems to be operating (loudly) at an 'appropriate' level, although the power and chassis fans have their monitoring disabled. Enabling the monitoring reports that both are 'below threshold', although I don't think I have a chassis fan - just a CPU fan and one in the PSU.

Here's the rub: The computer was assembled by The PC Company, who serviced it under warranty almost a year after purchase due to USB ports not working. The service people diagnosed it as a motherboard fault after swapping USB cards and told me they would replace it. Looking inside the case, it looks like PCI cards (including a USB card) were simply shuffled so that the USB card is likely to be touching the modem card, therefore it looks like I still have the old motherboard.

Yes, in hindsight, I should've gone with Quay Computers.

Any advice will be appreciated.


26-04-2004, 03:18 PM
first scan the system for virus / spyware then look at replaceing the drive.

26-04-2004, 04:31 PM
If you can, try your CD drive in another PC to see if the problem is replicated. This will help to isolate where the problem is occuring. ie CD drive or mobo