View Full Version : Backing up Outlook Files

04-06-2000, 01:33 PM
Because of the unreliability of W98 I use Norton Ghost to keep backups of my working C:\ drive applications setup on a separate hard drive (D:\).

All data is stored on the D:\drive, cross storing via Ghost on C:\. Even if one or other disk dies on me, I always have a complete copy of everything on the other disk. Restoration after an irretrievable O/S crash takes only a few minutes and I then have a fully functional computer but I lose my current Outlook address book and all email since the last ghost file was made.

I would like to store my address book and email message files on my D:\ drive as I consider this information to be 'data' but I can't find any information in the Outlook help files to let me set this up. I would settle for just being able to back up these files to the D:\ drive on a regular basis or before restoring from Ghost but I can't find information to tell me what files to back up or how to restore them if I did.

Can you help please? I am sure I am not alone in this predicament given the volumes of email that are sent & received every day!