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04-06-2000, 08:42 AM
I have a two computer network. It worked well for a while until I introduced a LT Winmodem into the system. I have now dumped the Winmodem but swapped it around a lot and there may be physical damage.

At present I cannot get my old 486/133Mhz computer to recognise the network card. I have tried two cards in all three ISA slots. One card is a plug and play card and win95 will autodetect this card and load the drivers. This card has two lights at the back and they are both on. Normally one light stays on and the other flickers as data goes back and forth across the network.

The other card I have can't be plug and plug as win95 doesn't autodetect new hardware on boot up. For this card I use control panel/add new hardware/autodetect/use windows drivers. It has one light at the back which is always off.

Regardless of which card in which slot, when I go to neighbourhood network I can't 'browse the whole network' and I get an error message about the network not being available. When I go to control panel/systems there is an exclamation mark on the N2000 driver part of the network 'folder'.

Does anyone have any ideas? Have I physically damaged the slots or motherboard somehow, do I have two faulty network cards (old ones form work and not brand-new) ???