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19-04-2004, 03:16 PM

I just installed MS Flight Sims 2002, and I really want to play it

But the problem is that I have no idea how to play it properly.

Where should i start? I tried the first lesson in "Getting Started", but the thing is that I can't hear properly what the instructor is saying which i means i have no idea what I'm doing.

Does anyone know a good site on the net that teaches you how to play the game.

It would be wonderful if someone can give me instructions on how to play the game properly. Thing like for example, flying from Auckland to Sydney, how do you know how high are you suppose to go, when do you get there, when to start landing, and wind directions and stuff.

Also thing like the power measured in rpm, where to i find and control that, how do i get a full view of a cockpit?

Thanks for any help

19-04-2004, 03:46 PM
For starters, it's not a "game". It's a simulation. Two completely different things.

You will need to start Googling and researching specific models of planes to see what can do what, for example cruise speeds, maximum altitude etc. All this info. is there, you've just got to be patient and find it.

Also, you have no choice but to get to grips with the MSFS "help" area. Your answers are in there, you'll have to make it work.

Also check out www.avsim.com and their forums, but before you post a message make sure others can see you've made the effort to find answers yourself.

Example: instead of "how high do I fly" write "why does the 737-300 have a cruise of FL310?"

This sim has so much detail it's not funny, and half the enjoyment is thinking outside the square and finding answers to issues you may have. It's a huge subject, and I guess one has to be an aviation nut in the first place to really get the most out of it.

If after a couple of months you are sure you'll stick with it, and you have a respectable PC, then go get FS2004. It's much better.

Hope this helps.