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02-06-2000, 02:48 AM
I have just replaced my Microstar Pentium motherboard with a Jetway 542B 100 Mhz motherboard and have struck a problem with the modem.

The installation went really well with the exception of a problem with the modem. When I connect to the Internet either through IE5 or Outlook Express I am getting windows protection errors.

Sometimes it is the blue screen of death; other times it completely kills the computer, as in a cold boot, and I am back to the main (BIOS and POST) switch on screens as if the power had been cut.

The last message with the blue screen of death was:

??. fatal exception in 0028:CAA549C5 in Vxd Win95AC, called from 0028:C1631ADA in Vxd Vtd (01) +000000BA.?

Another message often pops up after this :

? fatal exception in 0028:CC16631B.?

Generally it is the internet connection that fails in these situations ? that is, the connection remains but there is no data being transferred. When I do close the connection, I get Kernell32 crashes.

The modem is a Conexant PCI Modem with a Rockwell chipset.

I note that the Win 95AC Vxd referred to in the blue screen message is one of the modem drivers.

I had this problem before on my old Microstar motherboard when I was using an ISA sound card with the same modem. At that time, the modem was doing exactly the same thing and I solved the problem by replacing the ISA sound card with a PCI one.

I still have the same Asonic PCI sound card and a PCI Diamond Viper V550 video card.

I have tried the following:

- removing all devices in safe-mode and then having windows reinstall, without success.

- removing the modem and modem enumerator and then having windows reinstall

- physically removed the modem card and the video card and swapped them around (I haven?t moved the sound card). This moves the IRQ?s they are using around but doesn?t stop the problem.

- PCI steering is enabled and appears to be working correctly.

- No conflicts are showing up in Device Manager.

- The modem is assigned to Comm port 3.

- I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them several times.

- I have had a look in the BIOS ? and tried various things like disabling Comm port 2 and forcing the modem to IRQ 3 without success.

Full IRQ settings are:

0. System timer
1. Keyboard
2. Programme Interrupt controller
3. Com 2
4. Com 1
5. Asonic sound card
6. Floppy disc controller
7. ECP printer port
8. CMOS clock
9. Conexant Modem enumerator
10. Diamond Viper V550
11. USB controller
12. PS2 mouse
13. Numeric data processor
14. Ali Primary IDE controller
15. Ali Secondary IDE controller

Obviously my modem is not of the greatest quality if it has done this with two separate motherboards.

I guess if all else fails a reinstall of Windows is what I am faced with. I haven?t run the Win 98 disc yet over the top of the existing installation. I guess this might be worth a go.

I can recall a guy on Press F1 who had exactly the same problem with the same modem and he solved it by a Win 98 reinstall. It still seems odd that I would have to do that when the modem was working okay with the other motherboard??

System is an IDT Winchip 2a 266 MMX 3D Now (still running at 66Mhz Bus), Win 98, 64MB EDO RAM, Diamond Viper V550 PCI video card, Asonic Pci sound card, 4.3 GB H/D with 1.2GB H/D as slave to CD ROM on Secondary IDE channel. Motherboard is a Jetway 542B; Ali chipset and Award BIOS.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Darryl Lennane