View Full Version : IE to fails to display full page, parts of other app still visible

John W
14-04-2004, 09:53 PM
Ii think it a memory problem, but why.

The PC starts up from a reboot or from a fresh restart.

We check the Email using Outlook Express
Then start IE6, the program waits for a monent, if we are luck (most of the time) the program fully opens, if we are out of luck, IE6 will display but some sections of it are missing, displaying either some sections of Outlook Express or the wallpaper behind that.

Usually the wallpaper view occupies sections on the upper left of IE6 where the buttons are.

But its not always OE6, any program opened with another sitting behind, at times, will not fully, showing parts of the background program.

The PC is 2400Mhz 512Mb RAM XP Professional. Its done this since day 1, when it arrived new, out the box.

Thanks.... John in Mosgiel.

Billy T
14-04-2004, 10:01 PM
Hi John

Try grabbing the corners of the IE window and dragging them out to full screen. Close down and reopen- it should come up full screen again.


Billy 8-{)