View Full Version : Voice recognition microphone problems

30-05-2000, 09:03 PM
I have just purchased 'Voice Pilot' (I know its a cheap one!)voice recognition software and cannot get my computer to recognise the microphone needed to use this package.

I installed the program no problems and am trying to intall the microphone with the 'wizard'.

It tells me to test the audio input and then comes back that it did not detect any audio input and make sure the microphone is plugged into the correct socket etc.(It is!).
I then go to 'CONTROL PANEL / IBM VOICE CENTRE ICON (The icon that was installed with the software).

I double click on the icon and the following message comes up - 'VOICE SETTINGS ERROR - UIO0001: Error opening standard microsoft volume / mixer services. Volume controlls will be disabled. Seek volume / mixer controls specific to your audio card(1) - OK'. (WHAT for heavens sake does this mean - why can't they use ordinary English???!)

I click on 'OK' and a box 'IBM VOICE CENTRE PROPERTIES' pops up.

It has 'Input (microphe or Line In)- Audio card used for this input:Avance Sound Recording(1000) - Input Jack - (and then microphone is checked).

This box then has the same for 'Output'.

When I go to 'CONTROL PANEL / MULTIMEDIA / PROPERTIES' and click on the 'Audio Tab I see the 'Playback has - Avance Sound Playback (1000) and also - 'Recording - Avance sound device (1000)'.

I see however that the Icon for 'RECORDING' is greyed and cannot be activated and also the words 'To select advanced options, click etc etc' is also greyed for 'Playback' and can't be actioned.

I have been having problems having the Audio play on my sons video CD (see previous listings on F1), and am wondering if this is related and if so how can I fix it.

It sounds realy long winded and thanks to any body that can read through this. I would really like to get this thing (Voice Recog) going to help with study and assignments etc.

Any help would be gratefully received.