View Full Version : Short cuts not working

09-04-2004, 10:38 AM
I'm running windows XP. Recently I decided to try Avant Browser but it was using too much memory so switched to slim browser. Since then I have not been able to use any of my desktop short cuts or the links tool bar at the bottom. I'm not sure if this occurred while using Avant or when I switched to slim. I tried deleting all the links and shortcuts and putting them in again but it didn't work. When I click on a shortcut my fire wall sygate kicks in saying Run DLL as an App (rundell.32exe) is truing to run a DLL as an app to connect to www........(the site) When I click on it to allow it my printer window (lexmark) opens up as if I'm about to print something.

The favourites are working and my links on the browser are working. Please can anyone help.

Jen C
09-04-2004, 01:29 PM
Your best bet at this stage would be to try rolling back your system using System Restore - try going back to a restore point just before you installed Avant. If your system is OK then, try installing Slim Browser again and see what happens.

Susan B
09-04-2004, 01:39 PM
Try downloading TweakUI for Win XP and use the Repair option to rebuild your icons. It might just work.

09-04-2004, 06:16 PM
Thank you Susan and Jen for your help. I tried Tweak UI but no luck. I ended up uninstalling it as the same thing is happening on my other computer after installing Slim browser. Now the shortcuts etc are working again and Im back to using Internet Explorer without the extras.