View Full Version : MS Access database won't install on Win95

06-11-1998, 07:45 PM
A friend's computer (Compaq Pentium Pro, Win95) crashed recently,
necessitating a complete hard drive wipe and re-installation of Win95. While trying to re-install a (compiled) Microsoft Access database, the setup program would install the database all the way up to the last disk, when it
would say: 'PROGRAM ERROR: Your program is making an invalid dynamic
link call to a .dll file.' (Trying to run Corel Timeline produces the
same message. Both were running fine before the crash.)

He has Microsoft Access, so I tried to open the data file that seemed to
have installed ok, but Access said, 'There are calls to 16-bit dynamic
libraries (.dll) in modules in this database. These won't work under
Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows NT. Change your code to call
equivalent 32-bit dynamic link libraries (.dll).'

What do these messages mean? Is there a corrupted .dll file? If so, how
would I isolate it?