View Full Version : Outlook Express access to address books

29-05-2000, 11:55 PM
I recently installed Nortons anti virus 2000 and subsequently found that it had changed the smtp server settings so that I could not receive any emails.

Before I discover that was the problem I set up another identity in an attempt to fix the problem. When I imported the emails out of the old identity I found the addresses from the old identity had also been transfered.

As the old identity has been set up with all the folders and a signature, I have been trying to import the addresses from the new identity back to the old, without success.

I can only find one address book in the Windows 98 files and there should be 3 (as there are 3 identities. I have tried exporting the address book but I am not given an option to send it to a folder.

Is there a way to copy or import the address book. Is it possible to make addresses available to all identities which would alleviate the problem?