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05-04-2004, 04:43 PM
Hi there, I am hoping someone can shed light on a few issues.

I have just loaded Win2000 as a second OS and have a few minor (well one isn't so minor):

1. How do I get it to start up with number lock on (It is set correctly in CMOS/BIOS and loads correctly with Win98SE on my 1st partition)

2. How do I get it to soft power down on close (Once again it does this fine on Win98SE)

3 (and most important) - I have a winmodem (Conexant softHSF PCI) which didn't come with a W2K driver (probably as it was produced prior to that system I think!)

I have got a couple of drivers off the net (incl one from conexant.com) whish all work OK except for one issue.

When it goes through its dialling etc all sounds normal but as soon as the words "Verifying user and password" appear a noise like heavy continuous static comes from the computer box (not from the speakers).

I have turned off the modem speaker and as expected I couldn't hear the normal dial up and handshaking, but once again, as soon as I get to the same point, I get the same noise.

Same problem for all 3 drivers I have tried>

Any help on these three issues is very much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation

05-04-2004, 06:07 PM
1. Once you are logged in to Win2k press the numlock key to turn it on then restart the PC and check it when you log in again. It should now be on. Win2k and WinXP remeber what state the numlock is in and when you log in next time it will go to the same state.

2. Go to Control Panel - Power options - APM tab and select Enable Advanced Power Management Support

3. Check for the Telecom telepermit sticker on the modem as it should have a model number on it, then you can get the proper driver for that model.