View Full Version : Whats ~dfd0bd.tmp ?

28-05-2000, 07:36 PM
Ok heres a hard question for ya...

Ok i know ~dfd0bd.tmp is a temporary file but I cant delete it. Its 1.5KB and it just wont leave my TEMP directory. Even when i delete it from DOS it seems to come back when I reload windows 98. I cant delete it through windows 98 because its 'currently in use or write protected'. Its not much of a problem but its a hassle knowing it's there. I only have one thing in my startup folder and thats a office 2000 thing. But i have had this problem since before i instaled office 2000. I checked msconfig.exe and the strtup section is fine with no new startup applications that could cause it.
So what could it be?
Or how i can delete it and stopping it come back?
It is sometimes accompanied with some other .tmp files with almost the same name like ~df44id.tmp etc.