View Full Version : Seagate HD just won't work!

28-05-2000, 12:02 AM
I have recently 'inherited' a relatively new (2 years old) Seagate 3GB hard drive (ST33221A). I already have a 2GB Seagate drive, a ZIP-100 and a Cd-rom drive in my system.

Previously I had the HD on IDE0 as the master device, then the ZIP on IDE1 as master and the CD as slave.

I have tried all combinations and cannot get this new drive to work when the CD drive is present. I have made sure (multiple times) that the jumpers are set correctly, and the drive is not faulty as it works fine when it's just the 2 hard drives by themselves. Sometimes it doesn't detect the drive...other times it just hangs on boot up...or crashes completely (depending on the config I've set).

The BIOS detects it fine, and since my system is newer that the drive (Celeron-400 system only 9 months only), I assume I shouldn't need a BIOS upgrade.

It has been very frustrating.

I am using a Jetway 720AFR2 motherboard, but their website is next to useless.

Anyone have any idea why this might be?

Thanks is advance.