View Full Version : Disappearing Shortcut toolbar

27-05-2000, 06:36 PM
Can anyone tell me why my MS Office Shortcut Toolbar disappears whenever I log onto the Internet, never to re-start again except by re-booting the machine? I have tried re-loading the toolbar, but it still disappears when logging on to the Internet, and won't start up again by using the Shortcut Toolbar icon. Re-booting is the only option to get it back again, unless anyone can offer an explanation and solution.

System: MS Office 97 and Word 2000, plus all the patches, Eudora and IE5.01 for the Internet, running on a 600 MHz Intel Pentium III, 128 MB PC133 SDRAM, Chaintech 6ATA 133 MHz motherboard, nVidia TNT2 M64 3D video board.