View Full Version : Graphics System Not Initialized

31-03-2004, 03:21 PM
Ive got a Windows Home Xp. After i transferred some games from the win 95 pc all the cd based games (like Age of Empires, ) stopped working and a message appears
"Error, could not initialize graphics system. Make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with direct draw"
I used the ATI Radeon 9200 control panel to test direct draw and it was OK.
Where can I go next?
Thanks for any help

Murray P
31-03-2004, 03:30 PM
How did you tranfer the games? They will only work in XP if they are installed as fresh installs in XP and are compatable with it. If you want to save your game sessions have a root around in the win 95 machines game folders for folders such as Save or Game Save and copy the files over into the same one created in the fresh install. Any bugs in the old game files will also appear in the new XP version though. For the exact names of folder/files to copy check out the game's website or forums for hints & tips. HTH

Cheers Murray P