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effie C
29-03-2004, 06:16 PM
I hope I do not incur sarcasm over this enquiry- it may be laughable to some but ----
I have dual boot Win 98 SE on a 4 gb h/d,and W XP Pro on a 14.3 h/d - but I am now rather interested in making the present W 98( Fat 32 ) into a slave h/d using XP and use the h/d for files and the larger one for regular operations.
I have been told I would need to format the smaller drive before installation of XP - but I feel it should overide the old 98 OS on install
There are several programs that I would have liked to keep but as 98 (fat 32 ) does not recognise XP I cannot back up those into the XP drive.

Assuming I can re install them - and seeing how much I have come to like Xp it seems a pity to have dual booting, just to use those
Can somebody help please--- and tell me what sequence I must work to
effie c

29-03-2004, 06:22 PM
From what I gather you have the win98 drive as the MASTER and is the boot drive? and XP as the secondary drive?

You now wont to make the XP drive the MASTER and the boot drive? and yet still boot to win98 on the secondary drive?

If so that is not easy to do... if you re-install XP it is supposed to do what you wont, put I would recomend a third party boot loader as it will avoid the XP re-install.

effie C
29-03-2004, 07:05 PM
Hi UGH1,
Not quite as you put it - by dual boot i mean I have BOTH OS as a master- I change the scuzzi setting to boot into one or the other

But yes. I want to make my present W 98 SE h/d into a slave for my 14.3 XP h/d- but to do so Godfather says they are not compatible- as to reading XP info with W 98 when it is the master-- whereas in W XP I can see W 98 and gather a lot of info from there while still in XP---
EXCEPT- I have been using Photoshop in W 98 to vary photos- originally planning on transfering them to XP( which can be done) but when in XP I cannot send the photos to W 98 for processing as they have two different systems
Double dutch - maybe

I am fairly certain I do NOT need to reformat the W 98 h/d before installing XP onto it- but I am open to comment

What is this third party?
effie c

29-03-2004, 08:13 PM
Its not XP vs 98 for readability, its the format that XP may have been installed with.
NTFS cannot be read by W98, which uses FAT32.
You can use FAT32 with XP however, and thats readable both ways.

Eddie, I simply commented in a previous post that the reason you couldn't access the XP files when booted into XP would likely be that XP had been installed using NTFS format and was not readable by 98.

You can always choose to install XP using FAT32, and then all will be shared?

effie C
29-03-2004, 08:45 PM
Hi G F.

Thanks for your clarity

What I propose was using my 4 gb h/d as a slave - both using XP

Are you stating that Fat 32 could be used as such ( a slave)? - I doubt it - tho I know not, really

I could carry on using the two completely separate h/d in a scuzzi setting change- no real problem, but my idea was to save the process of the change of scuzzi on boot up-I have photo shop v7 on XP now so I can work on photos- especially if those photos had come in as an attachment by e mail-

but before I could not use the W 98 installion of Photo shop to work them over, because as you said they ain't talking.

If I stay with the dual boot it really means only using other programs in the W 98 OS that do not come in on e mail.( I still have Outlook Express etc in there and go online while using W 98, for updates etc- but to do so means I have to answer any e mail - say chess before I go back out and back to XP)

If I installed XP on that small h/d and used it as a reserve ( slaved) it would then be a case of enlarging my storage treserves,would it not?- and dragging and dropping to it from the larger h/d any files that were of less importance.

I just wonder if you think I have to format the w 98 h/d before installing XP- I thought not - but what say you?

As I say it is not crucial but (and I am fiddling, some of my friends would say and that has got me in the pooh more than once)- I just use my computer to keep my brain active after a lifetime of having to do so, but in retirement - had nothing to challenge me- except the computer.

O K a rambling discourse- sorry about that


29-03-2004, 09:58 PM
I am really not clear on what you want to do - sorry it's been a long and tiring day..

You can install XP on a FAT32 formatted drive (as you will have for 98) just fine. If XP is on both drives .... why? Is this for when you keep fixing one until it breaks, you can boot off the other?

4 GB is not generous for it though.

You have lost me on the scuzzi (scsci?) bit, do you have a scsci interface for your drives? Thats a bit upmarket for me sorry!

I use removeable drives (cheap caddies and trays using standard drives) to accommodate a full reserve bootable drive. Saves all the aggro with dual booting, plus I can play with Linux or whatever on a spare drive with no risk.

29-03-2004, 11:44 PM
This is all as clear as mud :)
If you wish to use XP formatted as NTFS then make this the Master drive.
Make the drive Fat32 (Windows 98?) the Slave drive. XP will read NTFS, Fat & Fat32 so you will be able to access the slave drive without reformatting.

effie C
30-03-2004, 10:41 AM
Hi G F, & all

I seem to be running round in circles re - descibing what I had proposed to do- and though I was not too bad in english at school- I fall short of a clinical statement to you . :-)

Yes the reboot-and change the scsci setting is what I have to do to keep the two apart- a bit tedious but acceptable.

I had wanted to process the photos in W 98 photoshop program and send them back to XP for use/ re transmission - whatever.
My idea then developed as above-- namely convert the small h/d to XP OS and merely use it for storage- and no rebooting needed

You now remind me that to use a 4 gb h/d with XP would take a large amount of the space ( 4 gb) when installed, leaving me with little storage room after all.
It looks like I should stay with the SCSCI change as I start up. I have enough space in my 14.3 gb h/d for what I want

O K thanks - by trial and error I have resolved the answers to my
question - thanks

effie c

30-03-2004, 12:07 PM
If you simply want to use the small HDD for storage, you don't need to "install XP" on it. Just format it and use it for storage under XP thats installed on the other drive. XP should see both drives just fine now?

Sorry, I am still confused....

30-03-2004, 12:29 PM
Effie, if you no longer require Win 98 and are happy to use just Win XP from now on, all you need to do is transfer your data files (**NOT program files though) from the small HDD to the larger one then reformat the small HDD and use it as a slave drive. It is not necessary to have any version of Windows on it as long as the Win XP drive is set to be the master and Win XP boots up first. Win XP will see the small HDD in Win Explorer as another partition. You will then be able to use all of the HDD (4GB) for your data.

**If you have program files on the small HDD they need to be reinstalled on the other drive to be able to work.

effie C
30-03-2004, 01:31 PM
Hi F & I,
Now that IS definitive- thank you.
O K - pushing my luck no doubt
what do I do to save data to the XP h/d ( from the W98)- sequences please in childlike detail :-)
I can easily re set up the programs on the W 98

THEN how can I reformat that small drive - then tell XP that it is there

Big joke - many years ago _ was taught on an Amiga computer- and I accidently formatted the entire h/d- it literally ate itself to death- ( my youthful tutors, even to this day will NOT let me forget that- huge leg pull- ad nauseum :-(

effie c

30-03-2004, 02:19 PM
Well we need more info Effie. You say that both Win 98 and Win XP hard drives are currently master. Can you explain EXACTLY just how you go from Win Xp to Win 98?

If your setup is how I think it is setup you are possibly going to have to get under the hood - physically - and change the hard drives jumpers. And you will need to change things in the BIOS. Are you confident about doing that?

> I can easily re set up the programs on the W 98

Is that a typo? You are planning to get rid of Win 98 entirely, remember?

effie C
30-03-2004, 03:29 PM
Hi F & I,

Ouch - getting under the "hood" makes me quake- I am a big man and have hands that easily cover two keys on the keyboard at once- boy! can I see trouble ahead :-)
--- and I am minus a left forefnger, last joint ( a lawn mower) at that.

That is a typo- my statement should read that I can re install all the programs now in W 98 -and do away with that O S.-- the only one that I may have to miss is scrabble- I have tried it on XP and it flutters as one plays ( it is the full version)- so if I go ahead I may have to lose this one.

I have just installed a 52 X CD rom after my 32 X packed a sad, and the tiny itty bitty bolts nearly drove me mad- especially crouched down/ and / or bending over the top and being very careful not to do something stupid :-)
Yes, I am planning on getting rid of W 98 but....---- durrrh!

I could wait until one of my tutors- now promoted and transfered to another city, comes home -

Right! thank you again - I will print out this and do a lot of thinking.

No doubt to you guys this would be a piece of cake-- Ha !!!!

Effie c