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29-03-2004, 01:00 PM
I'm building a new PC,

ECS KT600 Motherboard, 512MB DDR Ram, Athlon XP2500 333FSB,120GB Seagate Hard Drive,
DSE 3 Port Firewire card, 56K V90 PCI Modem, 400Watt Icute PSU unit and a Leadtek winfast TV2000XP deluxe tv card video recorder.

These are all running on a Windows XP home edition setup.

I have had experience of building PC's in the past and have learnt that when setting a system up such as this it pays to get the computer up and running with a minimal hardware setup, load all the necessary hardware drivers and software updates then complete building the PC adding the extra Hardware one piece at a time.

This I did, and everything went fine until the Tv card was added, then the PC was completely dead, removed the card and the PC booted fine. put the card back in dead again, removed the firewire and modem but left the TVcard in the PC booted fine and allowed me to install all the software and drivers no problem.

Shut down the PC reinstalled the other cards and back to a dead PC, tried loosening the backpane screws on all of the cards and lifting anyone of them slightly then the PC boots up fine, I let go and it stops.

Do I have a shorting out problem or what.

Any help appreciated


29-03-2004, 01:31 PM
Either a shorting problem or <horror> a motherboard problem.

Go for a shorting problem first.

29-03-2004, 04:49 PM
Your prob sounds similar to mine. BUT I use the Asus P4P800 non deluxe with firewire PCI. 128 mb Asus videocard, modem. And a 120GB sata and 80GB IDE.

The trouble with this one (and I'm still trying to find out)! is: This is a P4 2.4 1GB 400 DDR tho, NOT AMD.

I also have this Leadtek deluxe TV tuner. And use XP Pro. My prob is, the tuner / software / drivers don't like Hyperthreading!

The software/program, that came on the CD weren't compatible with HT when I first installed them. It used to totally freeze the system.

So, I went to the Leadtek site and d/l the next version of the program and drivers. It still froze the system.

So, sent an email to Leadtek and was told to disable CPU 0 in Task Manager (coz of HT). So I did. So, I downloaded the latest versions of both of the program and the drivers. This time, it rebooted because of a checkbug error! So, in the end I had to disable Hyperthreading (today), in the BIOS. To see if it rebooted again.

It hasn't (yet)! after 5 hrs. I even took this card back to where I got it from. And the shop tested it, and said there was nothing wrong with it! (Even tho, they only tested it for say 20-30 mins).

I know it's the tuner or its software/driver. Because this system with the rest of the hardware, has been running fine for the last 2-3 years. Before I purchased the tuner!

I sent another email to Leadtek again the other day to tell them to test the program and the driver and this card. And told them that either may have a bug / programming bug in them. And to test this tuner on a HT and non-HT system. To see what the prob is. I've yet to get a reply from Leadtek.

29-03-2004, 05:16 PM
Does the PC POST OK??

Does windows try to start?