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26-05-2000, 12:40 PM

I have a friend with a machine whose C: dirve is failing. They also have a 2nd Physical drive which is larger than there primary drive.

However due to them running Windows 95 Original release, it doesnot allow partitions of more than 2 GB, it has been partitioned.

This drive currently has 2 2Gb Partitions and 1 0.3 Gb partition. The C: drive is 1.2 GB.

Both the C: Drive and the primary partition on the second dirve have been compressed using Drivespace 3.0.

If these drives had not been compressed I would have simply used XCOPY from the DOS prompt to do an image copy from one to the other.

However it seems that the safest way is to decompress both drives do the image copy and recompress.

Any there any other, more simple, ways? Any help would be appreicted

The C: drive is randomly locking which further complicates the copy, the pc also has a tape backup.