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27-03-2004, 05:00 PM
Hi all, can anybody help me with any recommendations on software and as it will only be used one off most likely.... freeware if poss.
I basically want to create an auto run cd with photo album view kind of thing, i have had a good search around but there are so many and most are pay programs anyway.

Has anybody used "Ulead Photo Impact XL 8.5" trial (off pc world cd)?. There was an article on Photography in Dec/Jan 04 issue that mentioned "Ulead Photo Impact Album"(which i believe comes included in "Ulead Photo Impact XL 8.5") & "JASC Paint Shop Photo Album" and gave the impression that this could be done in them? I also have a copy of "Paint Shop Pro 5" which i haven't installed - does anybody use this and does it give an option to save photo albums to cd in an autorun album format?


** I have also read that burning software often gives this option, however Nero doesn't seem to do this, or have i missed something? Also Roxio "easy cd creator" was mentioned in a previous thread i found, however isn't it known that these 2 programs tend to cause probs if installed together?

27-03-2004, 05:16 PM
Take the simple approach?

Irfanview creates a stand-alone slideshow as an .exe file from your choice of photos.
It works well, its free, what more can you ask?

27-03-2004, 06:57 PM
Thanks GF, I have been meaning to give "Irfanview" a try, as it's often recommended here (F1), but haven't got round to it yet ;-). I had been thinking along the same lines as you, with an .exe slideshow if i wasn't able to find an actual album... and i found one earlier from a pc world recommendation - "LPJ Slideshow", coincidentally he wrote the program for the exact reasons i wanted to use it for "so that the user (my Mum) could see a slideshow without having to install anything";-).
I was wondering wether or not she will be able to copy the photos to her hdd if she is watching via a Slideshow though? Which was main reason i had envisioned using an Album style view (for thumbnails).
I think i might try "Irfanview" first though, as now i am thinking about it, as worst scenario i could get Mum to install it.