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27-03-2004, 10:04 AM
I had a problem a while back with my mouse losing power off and on. I contacted Hewlett Packard, and they sent me a new mouse. The mouse that they sent was an HP Optical mouse, and I seem to have lost the power problem... But there's a new problem. Whenever I move the mouse around really fast, the pointer doesn't go where I want it to. It's fine at normal speeds, but starts to deviate from its given path when moved at fast speeds. I play computer games, so it's not something I can just let slide. Any ideas? In the past, I've uninstalled and reinstalled my Root Hubs and mouse drivers (for the old mouse, not the HP one). Another thing to note is the fact that this is the first time this mouse has been plugged in... I took it out of the box that HP sent it in, turned off my computer, plugged it in, turned on my computer and here we are. Thanks for any help! Here's my last post about the power problems my other mice were having... Might give some clues as to what's going on...


I'm using a Microsoft Optical mouse connected to a USB port, and it's losing power and then turning back on. I've had this computer and mouse for somewhere over a year, and this problem started about a month ago. The mouse loses power and then comes back on, and it seems to only happen when it's in use. Sometimes the mouse loses power entirely and then fails to come back on, and once I unplug it and plug it back in, it works again... But for who knows how long. I've tried re-installing the drivers, plugging it into a different USB port, running a virus scan and removing adware programs. The problem started around the time that I installed these programs: "AVG Antivirus: Free Edition", "PC Door Guard", and "Spy Bot: Search and Destroy". Could any of these programs be conflicting with my mouse in some way? The AVG resident guard constantly tells me that it has found a virus named "Downloader.Esepor.R", and tells me to run AVG for Windows, but it doesn't find anything when I do. That's another problem altogether. Anyway, I've also borrowed a USB mouse from a friend and tested it on my computer, but with the same results... At first, when I plugged in his mouse, it worked great for maybe a week, but then I started having the same problem as with my old mouse... It would lose power and then come back on. So it's not my old mouse, it's something with my computer. I'd like to try to keep my mouse on USB as opposed to P2P, because the P2P adapter for my mouse is too large and it can't fit into the same space where my keyboard is plugged in. Also, my modem does the same thing... It'll lose power and then come back on, but this happens far less frequently then my mouse, and because my USB port is supplied power by an adapter, I believe this to be an unrelated problem, but I could be wrong. Anyway, thanks in advance to any help I might receive. Here's my system info:

Windows XP Home Edition
P4 2.5 GHz
768 MB RAM
Manufactured by Hewlett-Packard

Jen C
27-03-2004, 10:50 AM
>The AVG resident guard constantly tells me that it has found a virus named "Downloader.Esepor.R", and tells me to run AVG for Windows, but it doesn't find anything when I do.

This sounds like the virus/trojan is located within the saved System Restore points. Is the location of the detected object include C:\System Volume\_Restore .....? Your machine is not actively infected with this virus/trojan, but you run the risk of using System Restore to roll back your machine and then becoming reinfected from it. Because the virus/trojan resides within a System Restore file, AVG can only detect but not remove the object. You will need to turn off System Restore, reboot the machine and then re-enable System Restore again. Re-scanning with AVG will now give an all clear. Please note by turning off System Restore you will purge all previous saved Restore points and there will be no points prior to today available.

You USB problems sounds complex, and I can't think of anything to help that you have not already tried. Although if you have multiple USB devices losing power, I would suspect the motherboard or some sort of conflict between devices. What does the Hardware Manager say about your mouse and modem?

27-03-2004, 05:27 PM
DO you clean the bottom of your mouse? The optical sensor on it can sometimes get a bit clogged up and cause eratic movements.

You may have better results with a PS2 adaptor for the USB mouse. Its just a small thing, you probably got one in the box with the mouse. USB sometimes stuffed me around so I changed to PS2, now works great.

27-03-2004, 07:55 PM
Mouse pad? Does it have changes in colour? That can upset optical mice.

27-03-2004, 10:45 PM
Jen C, PoWa and wotz, thanks for your replies!

Jen C>> Hey, thanks for info! I actually already fixed the problem with the virus, and you're right, the virus was located in my saved restore points. As for the device manager, the mouse and modem show up just fine, and in properties it says that they're "working properly". Ya right! Anyway, my modem does still lose power off and on, but not very often.

PoWa>> It's a new mouse, so I don't need to clean it. About USB, that's another thing I forgot to mention... It's a PS2 mouse right out of the box, so that's where it's being plugged into.

wotz>> My mouse pad is a solid color, but it does have some discoloration on it. None of my other mice had the same movement problem, so I think the pad isn't a factor, but I'll change pads just to rule out everything I can.