View Full Version : Anyone seen a Comparison in Wireless LANs ?

John W
20-03-2004, 11:42 AM
We have one fitted to 3PC in the household, while they seem to work OK up to about 10M on the same floor level, gaining access from the 3rd PC locate on the next floor above is a real hit & miss affair.

Im not sure if its because the house nextdoor has its own Wireless LAN, or the fact our Wireless units fdont like working in a vertical plane. As an Ex-radio Amateur, I know UHF can have some unusual properties, but the upstairs PC is less that 5M away, point to point, and this is a timberframed house - so Im left to conclude its the Vertical plane mode thts causing trouble.

Signal strength on the 3rd PC shows 100%, but that may be from the nextdoor LAN.

We are using SuperCom USB EP9001 Wireless units, no external aerials, maybe thats the cause.

Nextdoor, an Webpage developer, mentioned something aboutyt using twintwist as an aerial, any ideas?

Thanks John in Mosgiel.

Graham L
20-03-2004, 01:50 PM
Have you got underfloor insulation? With aluminium foil?

Get a copy of Ethereal and see whose Wireless transmissions you are seeing.

The length of a quarterwave aerial is 31 mm. :D

John H
20-03-2004, 04:19 PM
Um, I hesitate to mention this because I have only one example to back it up...

My office has tin cladding so to get a signal through that, I have an external aerial on the verandah post connected by cable to the WAP inside. By this means I can get a signal across the lawn and deck and into the house. About 50 meters distance, with french doors in line of sight to the desk with the home computer.

I have found if the aerial is horizontal it provides a much better signal! Don't ask me why, just believe it. And it doesn't matter whether the second antennae on the WAP itself is vertical or horizontal as long as the outside one is horizontal.

Um, I am being serious here - I do suggest you try the WAP antennae horizontal and see if that makes any difference. It works for me (or my WAP I should say...).

Another thing you may like to try is going into DSE to check out the higher gain antennae they have in stock. They are about twice the size of the usual WAP antennae, and they connect to the WAP with a cable (check you have the right connector before buying). I use the same kind of antennae for the outside aerial and it makes a big difference. Check them out on the DSE website.

John H
20-03-2004, 04:21 PM
Sigh, I didn't read you carefully enough - sorry, you have no external aerials. I would think that has a great deal to do with it.

John W
21-03-2004, 09:42 AM
Hell this is going from bad to worse. Ive tasken the troubled PC from it upstairs posi to the table less than 2M away from the ADSL connected PC. Still wont talk to it over the USB Wireless link. My dauhters PC, about 10M away can connect at will. Swapped over the Wirelss USB between my daughter and the troubled unit, no difference.

My PC wise neighbour claims I need to connect a Twisted pair LAN cable to a Ethernet Switch, then connect the USB Wireless links from there.
He will call around on Tuesday evening and sort it out.

Frustrating though.