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16-03-2004, 02:57 PM
has anyone change from jetstart to one of the new plans on telecom through paradise?

is this even possible and was it difficult?

16-03-2004, 06:07 PM
Ring up paradise helpdesk and ask them if they support the new plans. Then get them to change you over to them at your next billing cycle. Then you'll have to confirm those details to telecom I'd imagine.

Murray P
16-03-2004, 06:19 PM
AFAIK Paradise will handle all from their end.

If you can get the Paradise/Telstra cable, give it serious consideration. 2MB download and 512MB upload. If you bundle it with phone and TV it looks even better.

Cheers Murray P

John H
16-03-2004, 06:22 PM
I have, and it isn't difficult, just messy, especially if you get a Paradise staff member on their first day as I did!

I first got the details from Paradise about what to do, and how much they would charge. They told me to get Telecom to change me over first, and then get back to them when that took place.

I then rang Telecom and they changed me over to the 3Gb plan - but only on their records... They are incapable of making the actual change until my billing cycle begins again - on the 20th of the month. Now, if I check my usage with Telecom it shows up as Jetstart until 19th March and then Jetstream 3 Gig from 20 March (or something similar).

When that swaps over, I have to get back to Paradise (another humungous wait on the phone) and ask them to change me over from $30 month unlimited to $20 month 3Gb... Then, surprise, surprise, they will not change that over until the end of THEIR billing cycle. So I will be paying them $30 per month for the first half of my usage of the new Telecom plan even though I should only be paying them $20 per month...

Just be patient, and don't take it out on the poor call centre staff if you feel frustrated. Of course, all of this is to happen in the future, starting on 20 March! I don't know if it is actually going to work!!!!


16-03-2004, 06:47 PM
Paradise told me they can change immediately - only Telecom has to wait until the end of billing periods. soooooooo who knows. I will find out soon as I just requested the change with Telecom today

Murray P
16-03-2004, 06:54 PM
Paradise terms and conditions, like Telecoms, say that changes will be billed as per the billing cycle. Physicaly (read electrinicaly) it can be done as soon as.

I reakon they must divy up the proceeds for each companies bean counter's social funds or maybe the CEO's bonus packages :D

Cheers Murray P

17-03-2004, 01:25 AM
I have been with Paradise for many years, now, but have only fairly recently realised that they charge $20/28 days on top of Telecom ADSL rate whereas many other ISPs charge $10/mth.

Think I might change sometime!

Murray P
17-03-2004, 08:58 AM
What is the data cap for the ones that charge $10?

Cheers Murray P

Susan B
17-03-2004, 09:43 AM
> What is the data cap for the ones that charge $10?

It varies on Orcon - they charge just $10 for most of their (home) plans.



Murray P
17-03-2004, 12:19 PM
Hmm. Looks like the best for $10 is 2GB against 10GB but that applies to a $60 Telecom fee for 265k rather than 128k. Apples to oranges.

Cheers Murray P

Big John
17-03-2004, 03:53 PM
Apply online to Telecom for the change which will happen at the end of your billing cycle. Check the telcom usage meter for when this date is.
Once that has happened simply ring up Paradise and get them to change the plan to a normal Jetstream account and you will be set. However note that you will lose out with Paradise as you lose the rest of the months payment and start with a new one from the day it takes over.

John H
17-03-2004, 03:59 PM
I have just checked my Jetstart usage meter and notice I have made a mistake about the dates - I change over to Jetstream 3Gb tomorrow. Woohoo!

Of course that means that there will be a greater wastage with Paradise...


John H
18-03-2004, 10:17 AM
Well, the telecom swapover happened on time as arranged. Haven't tried any downloads, but I notice that webpages open in a much snappier way than they used to, and email checking happens in a flash. I have to say that PressF1 doesn't seem to open any quicker! ;-)

Now to try to get hold of Paradise to get them to change me over - when they are ready... I will just make a coffee before settling down to wait on the phone...


John H
18-03-2004, 11:00 AM
Well, that was an eye opener. When I finally got a live person at Paradise, I found out yet another layer of hypocrisy at the organisation that is hammering Telecom for "overcharging".

I was informed that the Paradise plan change could not take place until I had paid them $20 for the coming month. When I gulped and said I was already paid in advance for JetStart 128gig until 7 April ($30) I was informed that they could not transfer money I had already paid them for JetStart on to a JetStream account. If I wanted to shift over to Jetstream today I would have to pay another $20.

I am on automatic payments, so my account is showing a nil balance despite the fact that I am paid in advance, so their computer will not allow them to start up an account on a zero balance!

I said that I understood from earlier enquiries that they would register my account change to take place at the end of my billing cycle, and that was what I had rung up to arrange, not to pay twice. The Paradise Person confirmed that could happen, but I would not be getting full speed. I told her I was already getting full speed and she informed me that was not technically possible.

So maybe the whole thing is a figment of my imagination, despite running an adsl speed test that confirmed my figment.

Personally, I think that Telstra Clear, alias Paradise, is on very shaky moral ground complaining about Telecom when their policy is to try to persuade you to pay twice for three weeks of the same billing cycle in my case - once for a plan you are no longer using, and once for a plan they say I cannot have...

I need the coffee to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth. I will view all of these telcos and isps as being as bad as each other from now on...

18-03-2004, 11:38 AM
I still haven't got my $40.00 refund from Paradise when I left them late last year. :(

Thread Here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=43903&message=239878&q=refund#239878)