View Full Version : Out of Memory - 486/24Mb

23-05-2000, 12:10 AM
24Mb=1x16,1x8 72pin
VL turbo mainboard 1425UIV/1450UIV series (edge box)
AMI bios
2.5Gb HD single partition using Fujitsu DM software.
Win95 V4.001
Very little Memory left - around 3%
with just windows open. No fancy wallpaper and virus checker off.
I did notice that my spare I/O addresses are being used by an unkown device - it this ok?
All references show 24Mb installed.
Could the configuration be wrong.
Could the fact that there are 800 fonts installed have an effect?
Keen to know more about what happens behind windows and how pc functions...know any good sites??
Thanks for any help